7 scenes  -  147 movie minutes



Its the 1950's as Anita excitedly walks into a room and sits on a stool cross legged to open an envelope and reads aloud this months dare left by her boyfriend. Later that morning Anita has arrives at the ruins of an old farm house - Its fogy and she nervously looks around as she sits on a large white sheet already prepared for her. Anita empties the contents of a bag onto the sheet then proceeds to tie her ankles and knees then ties a rope between her ankle rope and a set of handcuffs and looks around again before fastening a ball gag into her mouth and places a ties a blindfold in place so she can not see, finally securing her wrists into the cuffs behind her back so she is hogtied. Later while Anita is wriggling she hears a twig snap, then another and tries furiously to escape but is picked up and put in the back of a car and driven away. Next we see Anita on a soft red rug on the floor with the handcuff replaced by rope and more rope around her elbows but still gagged, blindfolded and hogtied. Her abductor has unfastened a few buttons of her blouse to add to her predicament and after watching her struggle for a few minutes leaves her alone. Anita struggles to untie her ropes until her efforts reward her in escaping to find that she is back home and it was her boyfriend that had abducted her. Anita notices another letter from her boyfriend and reads it, where it asks if she will tie herself up and wait for him to return later.



Anita lights a candle that will slowly burn down and through a rope to release her before she removes her shoes then eases down the zip of her pencil skirt and removes her skirt to reveal she is not wearing any knickers as she ties a crotch rope around herself. Anita next ties ropes around her ankles and knees then she secures leather cuffs to each wrist with padlocks. After wriggling a loop of rope up her arms so it is around her elbows Anita padlocks her cuffs to the ends of a chain with a rope tied to its middle with a mechanism to allow her to raise her arms but not lower them, the other end of the rope is secured to the wall where the candle is positioned. Anita raises her arm with the rope so she is in a strappado position until the candle burns through the rope.



Anita padlocks an ice release between a rope hanging down from a clam cleat and a leather cuff then removes her skirt and ties two ropes that go to the far sides of the room to her ankles so her legs are spread apart. Next she ties a crotch rope around herself and attaches its end onto a rope that goes up and over a pulley and to a weight that is held suspended by a steel pin, the pin has a length of rope that is tied off to one of her cuffs so she can pull it and release the weight. Anita secures her wrists into leather cuffs that are hanging to each side of her then with a quick pull she releases the weights attached to the ropes via clam cleats and allows her arms to be pulled up until she is in a spread eagle position, and because of the clam cleats she can not now escape until the ice release melts. After testing her bindings Anita convinces herself to pull free the pin so the weight falls free to pull her crotch rope tight, making Anita let out a shriek. Anita suddenly realises that the weight weighed more and tightened her crotch rope far more than she had planed and she will now have to suffer the biting pain between her legs until the ice release melts and she can release herself.



Anita fastens leather cuffs to her ankles then fastens a metal bit gag in her mouth before walking over to the wooden pony to runs a chain though a metal loop on the back of the pony for her ankles. Anita sits on the rough hessian cloth covering the pony and removes her gown to reveal she is naked except for her fully fashioned seamed stockings and suspender belt then she places pegs on her nipples and attaches her ankle cuffs to the chain she placed behind her. Finally she secures her arms above her head into hanging leather cuffs by pulling them tight around her wrists and the clock starts as she waits for her release. Soon the rough hessian cloth pressed against her nakedness by the hard edge of the wooden pony makes Anita struggle to escape before the ice release has time to melt and after much struggling she manages to get a hand free to escape her increasing torment.



Anita hangs a number of keys frozen in ice onto a hook on the ceiling before padlocking a chain around her waist, leaving a short length free behind her. Next she ties a length of ropes between her big toes then padlocks leather cuffs to her ankles with a spreader bar between them with more padlocks. Anita padlocks the end of the chain from around her waist to the centre of the spreader bar so her legs are pulled up behind her before padlocking the centre of a second shorter chain to the centre of the spreader bar. Now Anita fastens a black rubber bit gag in her mouth and ties the ropes from her toes to the back of her bit gag before padlocking her wrist cuffs to each end of the second short chain. Anita enjoys her bondage as she waits for her padlock keys to drop one by one as the ice slowly melts.



Anita attaches a long knotted rope to the opposite walls of the room then she padlocks a number keys to the walls at each end of the rope then hangs the first key on the wall with its corresponding lock on the opposite wall locking her next key. Anita fastens a ring gag in her mouth then padlocks leather cuffs to her ankles and straddles the rope to padlock a short spreader bar between her ankle cuffs before adjusting the rope so it is in ‘just the right place’ and finally handcuffs her hands behind her back. To escape Anita will have to travel along the knotted rope back and forth releasing the keys in order until the keys to her hand and ankle cuffs are unlocked and she can escape.



Anita fastens leather cuffs to both her wrists and ankles then kneels on the floor and secures her ankles to hooks behind her that are spaced about twenty four inches apart then she ties a crotch rope around herself and ties it to one end of a bungee cord, the other end of the bungee cord has a rope already tied to it that passes through a metal eye bolt in front of her and back to a cleat where she ties it off so the elastic bungee cord is constantly applying tension to her crotch rope. Next Anita stuffs her mouth with a pair of her panties and tapes over her lips and mouth before handcuffing her hands behind her back and padlocking them to a chain secured to an eyelet in the wall above and behind her. Anita then looks down and realises her keys are on the floor just in front of her and there is now no way for her to reach them and so begins desperately to try to break free!