7 scenes  -  155 movie minutes



Ariel feels the spanking machine and its implement then ties a spreader bar between her ankles and attaches a set of metal handcuff to a metal plate and around her left wrist then after switching on a timer Ariel puts the plate onto an electro magnet screwed the top of the desk so it becomes attached. Finally Ariel starts the memory game, not knowing how many spanks she will receive before she is allowed to go free. After many mistakes and the applied number of strokes from the spanking machine have been given Ariel is finally released and starts to tidy up when she hears Sally (her very strange sister) attract her attention and Ariel looks around in a state of shock. Sally is not best pleased with Ariel for using her bondage toys and dressing in her latex so decides to teach Ariel a lesson by tying her in a strict, elbows together hogtie for a few hours.



Ariel walks into the room and padlocks an ice release onto a chain hanging from the ceiling and attaches a set of handcuffs to the other side of the ice release then she switches on a video camera and checks a laptop on the floor in front of the camera then sets a control on the wall. Ariel then uses rope to tie a short spreader bar between her ankles before tying ropes to her skirt and her jacket. Finally she looks at the ice release and the camera and cuffs one wrist into the set of handcuffs padlocked to the ice release then with a second set of handcuffs she handcuffs her other wrist to a second chain hanging from the ceiling. At first she enjoys her bondage but as time continues she starts to realise the ice release is not melting as fast as she had expected and the pictures from the video camera maybe put onto the internet for everyone to see. Ariel then hears the sound she didn’t want to hear, the sound of a winch as it pulls down her skirt then after a minute of Ariel desperately trying to escape a second winch activates and her jacket is pulled open to reveal her naked breasts. Ariel tries to hide her face and her body from the camera until eventually the ice release melts and she can release herself and switch off the camera. Then she reads a message on the laptop “Very nice, I really enjoyed the show…Ariel!”



Ariel checks some type of metal machine against the wall and bondage equipment next to it then looks in some boxes and discovers a naughty school girl outfit and decides to dress in the plain cotton panties, short skirt, long white socks and a crisp white shirt for her next bondage adventure. Next Ariel ties a long spreader bar between her ankles that keeps her ankles very wide apart and that if not for her long legs would be most uncomfortable or impossible for other girls. Ariel then secures leather cuffs onto each wrist and uses padlocks to make sure she can not remove them before ting a knotted crotch rope around herself and up to the hook of an electric hoist that is just in front of her then padlocks an ice release and chain to the machine behind her. Now Ariel turns her attention to the items on a cold chrome metal stand next to her and unbuttons her shirt to apply pegs to her breasts followed by a black rubber ball gag in her mouth in case she screams for the next part - A clover clamp on each nipple with a metal chain between to make sure the clover clamps will constantly pull on her nipples and the raising of the hoist so her crotch rope pulls unforgiving deep into her cotton covered crotch. Finally, to add to the feeling of total helplessness, she blindfolds herself before padlocking her wrists to the chain behind her. Ariel struggles with the crotch rope and tries to stay still on her tiptoes as every movement pulls it deeper and allows the chain attached to her nipple clamps to swing and add even more pain. Arial now has to endure her home made torments until the ice release melts and she can escape, but removing those nipple clover clamps may prove more painful than leaving them on!



Ariel is dressed in her school uniform and not too surprised to find a genuine old school desk placed in front of a spanking machine and decides to open it. Inside she discovers various implement for the spanking of naughty girl’s bottoms and Ariel can’t resist using them on her own bottom until finally she decides its time to try the spanking machine. Ariel sets a timer and plugs it into the mains socket then ties her ankles to the legs of the school desk then, from the desk, she takes out takes out a set of handcuffs, a metal plate, a padlock and a remote control then padlocks the metal plate to the handcuffs and cuffs her wrists then switches on the electromagnet with the remote control before placing the metal plate onto an electromagnet so the cuffs (and her hands) are held in place. Ariel now presses a second button on the remote control to switch on the spanking machine and drops the remote control onto the floor so it is out of reach. After a few minutes that allow Ariel to think nothing will happen the spanking machine swings into action and begins by giving her spanks in batches of three but as time progresses the machine increases the number of strokes per batch until there are no pause and the machine goes into constant stroke mode to punish Ariel bottom until the allotted time is completed, making her bottom change colour to a red glow before the timer disengages the electromagnet and Ariel can reach the remote control to switch off the spanking machine.



Ariel checks an electrically raising crotch beam bolted to the wall and floor and applies a liberal coating of a menthol cream onto the top of the beam that she knows, if it comes into contact with her, will feel like her crotch is on fire. Ariel now removes her shoes, panties and bra and tests some vacuum cups on her nipples that she enjoys the feeling of so much that she leaves in place. Next she pays out a long length of string with the key to her handcuffs tied to its end and places the end of the string in reach for later before padlocking a set of metal handcuffs to the apparatus. After tying ropes from the walls on each side of her to her ankles so she is kept over the crotch bar with her legs apart, Ariel fastens a ring gag in her mouth and secures her wrists into the handcuffs behind her back then raises the crotch bar with a control button so she is forced onto her tip toes before dropping the control to the floor. As Ariel begins to dribble uncontrollably from her ring gag filled mouth her feet begin to ache until she can no longer stop herself from allowing her body to slowly lower until the menthol cream covered beam touches between her legs and the burning sensation begins. Ariel starts to squirm and wriggle but her movements only makes things worse as the cream is rubbed into her, intensifying the fire between her legs as she starts to pull in the long length of string and use the key to release herself and escape her intimate home made torment.



Ariel walks across the room to check the webcam of her laptop is working before walking back over to a low table and removes her underwear and kneels on the table to tie her ankles to the table then she secures cuffs onto her wrists and places pegs all over her body with a string connecting them together before she padlocks her cuffs to a chain above her head and turns to the webcam on the laptop. Ariel had previously put a notice on the web forum “Fet Time” that she would be doing a cam show of her next BDSM adventure and that when the numbers watching increase to greater than 3500 the spanking machine will start to cane her bottom. After a few ups and downs the viewing numbers eventually increase to over 3500 and her punishment begins with her only means of escape is to pull a string with her keys tied to its end but in so doing she will also painfully pull the pegs from her skin. When will the sting of the cane out weigh what she knows will be a painful zip pull?



Ariel walks into the room naked and runs her fingers over the spanking machine and its attached riding crop before raising the machine to the desired height for her breasts then picks its control up and positions herself before pushing the button once for ever stroke that she receives. After a suitable punishment with red glowing marks Ariel lowers the machine ready for the chastisement of both her bottom and the front of her thighs and proves she has the self control of an excellent submissive.