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Caroline Pierce’s Enters and walks the length of the steam pipe to switch on and test the Tens unit that will give her a shock later if she relaxes. Caroline returns to the other end of the steam pipe and with the metal steam pipe between her legs she secures a spreader bar between her ankles then clamps her nipples and switches on the steam making apparatus then handcuffs her wrists over a cord above her that runs the length of the steam pipe. Quickly the steam starts to flow into the end of the steam pipe heating its metal (as can be seen on the digital display) and forces Caroline to move along the pipe away from the heat. At the other end of the pipe she is safe from the hot steam but has to stay on tip toe or she will receive an electric shock from the Tens unit. Caroline is forced to stay in this position receiving many many electric shocks until the timer switches off the steam and the metal of the pipe cools down sufficient for Caroline to move back along the pipe and acquire the keys to release herself.



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Chimera Bondage criss-cross the lines of fetish, masochism and pleasure as a girl tests her endurance in self bondage to reach her own special ecstasy. Every girl’s adventure is different and nothing can totally prepare you for what she is about to experience, enjoy or even regret as she explores her next bound adventure.

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 All persons depicted herein were over the age of 18 years at the time they were photographed or filmed.