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Latest Update - 24 Nov 2017


Anita De Bauch enters dressed in her black skin tight latex catsuit and very high heels and uses a serum to shine her catsuit using her latex covered hands to massage the serum over the surface of the catsuit and into all and every place she can reach until her body completely glistens in the light. Anita then sets a timer for later and padlocks a leather cuff onto each wrist then moves in front of a tall wooden poll and padlocks a blue leather collar to the pole. Anita places her back to the pole and secures leather cuffs to her ankles...

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About Chimera Bondage:

Welcome to Chimera Bondage. A unique website that brings you self bondage girls enjoying bdsm, latex, corsets, lingerie, clamps, spanking, wax, electro and her naughty toys for over 10 years.

We were one of the first girl self bondage fetish sites to criss-cross the lines of self bondage, masochism, pain and pleasure. Here nothing can totally prepare you for what she is about to experience, enjoy or even regret as she explores her kinky and sometimes bizarre ideas.




 Chimera Bondage


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 All persons depicted herein were over the age of 18 years at the time they were photographed or filmed.