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Ariel Anderssen

(1080 HD)

8 scenes  -  186 movie minutes




Updates started:  Sept 23, 2018

Sassy high school girl Ariel Anderssen is back for detention again, but this time the head mistress has lost patience and gives Ariel the choice of a ridiculously long four week of detention or 100 spanks from the spanking machine. Ariel elects for the spanking as the head mistress had planned who now informs Ariel that her punishment will be broadcast throughout the school via cctv for everyone to watch. Ariel is shocked that everyone will watch her as she lifts her school uniform skirt to receive the first batch of spanks. The sadistic head mistress enjoys to degrade naughty school girls and Ariel Anderssen quickly feels humiliated as she is told to remove items of clothing between each batch of spanks until she is stood naked with arms and legs wide apart allowing the whole school to see every part of her naked body for the last ten most degrading spanks of her life.




Updates started: Oct 07, 2018

Ballerina Ariel Anderssen enters wearing a very tight red outfit and tutu and discovers a spanking machine and some naughty black stockings and a garter belt. Instantly the kinky side of Ariel’s personality takes over and she is soon wearing the black sexy stockings ready for a machine spanking in bondage. Ariel quickly adds leather cuffs to her wrists and ankles followed by a leather spiked collar and metal spreader bar between her ankles then connects a chain that goes between her legs to a winch and adds menthol to it. Next Ariel adds weighted clover clamps to her labia that hang to each side of the chain then adds pegs to her labia for extra discomfort before adding a nose clamp with bell and weighted clover clamps to her nipples. To increase her bondage Ariel fastens a ring gag with inflatable gag in her mouth then adds pegs to her breasts and an extra weight to her nipple clamps then secures her wrists and remotely operates a small winch that pulls the chain so it and the menthol are in contact with her pussy ready for her to begin her spanking.




Updates started: Oct 17, 2018

Eccentric stable owner Ariel Anderssen is disgusted buy the attire the teenage girls are wearing to ride horses while at her riding school. Ariel rants about their revealing and tight jodhpurs and bouncing breasts then goes into detail how she will discipline them by spanking their bottoms. Ariel, in a kinky haze decides she needs to judge the severity of the girls punishment and so begins to test the punishments on her own defenceless buttocks and soon becomes quite aroused by the feeling of her glowing bottom and the thoughts of what she has in store for the naughty teenage girls.




Updates started: Oct 28, 2018

Ariel Anderssen is in a kinky mood but cant decide if she should dress in lingerie and stockings or her latex catsuit then an idea comes to mind and Ariel eases her self into the catsuit and zips it up cocooning her body in a thin tight layer of black latex then she dresses in her white lingerie and stockings over the top of her catsuit that Ariel finds most kinky and has to admire her new fetish in her long dressing mirror. As her body warms up catsuit the room is filled with the kinky smell of latex that Ariel finds adorable and make her feel even kinkier as she uses her soft red ropes to secure her self and a hard rubber ball gag to silence her. As Ariel enjoys her bondage her mind begins to add to her bondage with more ropes and stricter positions with her elbows tied together and even a leather arm binder.




Updates started: Nov 11, 2018

After talking about clover clamps and her dislike of popping balloons Ariel Anderssen adds weighted clover clamps to her labia then fastens a purple ball gag in her mouth. Now the really painful part begins when Ariel places clover clamps onto her already tender nipples and ties a number of helium filled balloons to the nipple clamps then cuffs her hands behind her back. Tied amongst the balloons is the key to her handcuffs and Ariel has to jump up to pop the balloons until the key comes into reach. A simple task as we placed needles on the ceiling but when Ariel jumps the weighted clamps pull painfully on her labia and her nipples are pulled and squeezed too – What a predicament!




Updates started: Nov 18, 2018

Ariel Anderssen is expecting a romantic evening and is dressed accordingly in a long silky dress but her master has other ideas and has left some instructions for Ariel to follow. First thing is for Ariel to strip naked and apply the vacuum cups to her nipples then straddle the metal trestle and secure her ankles to it. Next Ariel adjusts the tens unit so it gives her an uncomfortable shock on her pussy if she lowers herself off tiptoe then switches the tens unit off for later. Ariel now removes the vacuum cups from her nipples and adds weighted clover clamps to her now sensitive nipples then inflates a rubber gag in her mouth and places a blindfold over her eyes. Finally Ariel cuffs her wrists behind her back and adds thumb cuffs for extra kinkiness then uses a remote control to switch on the tens unit. Ariel now has to stay on tiptoe or be electrocuted not knowing how long her torment will last before she is released.




Updates started: Dec 02, 2018

Naughty nurse Ariel Anderssen is in a kinky mood and begins by dressing in her new white lingerie and seemed white stockings then sets a timer that will lower scissors for her escape. Ariel now dresses into her nurse’s uniform before using self amalgamating rubber tape to act as a gag and to secure her ankles, knees and wrists with a final length between her ankles and wrists so she is hogtied. As Ariel struggles on the floor her dress rides up and becomes undone to reveal her sexy underwear making Ariel feel even naughtier until the timer lowers the scissors and Ariel can cut herself free, straighter her uniform before leaving to go to work at the local hospital. What would her patients think if they knew Ariel was still wearing her sexy lingerie under her uniform?




Updates started: Dec 14, 2018

Ariel Anderssen is wearing the tightest, briefest black shiny leotard and high heels just to tease you, and as it shows off her bottom she decides to spank it using a leather belt and a wooden school ruler before her bondage begins. First a tight knotted crotch rope followed by a ball gag and finally a metal fiddle. then Ariel turns and displays herself for your viewing pleasure.



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