Faye X Taylor

(1080 HD)

7 scenes  -  157 movie minutes



Updates started: Mar 08, 2017

This first scene is a get to know Faye X Taylor who we have hogtied and challenged to escape in under 5 minutes - will she? Then we see how subservient Faye is as we ask her to stand in various positions before she is told to strip off her office clothing and again stand in the positions to display her self. Finally she is told to strip naked and again stand and bend in the various positions so you get to see every part of her petite sexy body, and prove she really is a total submissive slut girl.




Updates started: Mar 17 2017

Faye X Taylor starts the scene naked as she explains to camera that she is going to show us some bondage she does when on her own. First to add a bit of a buzz Faye inserts a silver vibrator into her pussy then slides on a pair of pantyhose and ties a white crotch rope in place that holds the vibrator in her pussy. Now Faye’s nipples need some attention and so a pair of suction cups are used to tease and suck her gorgeous nipples. After sitting with her ankles crossed Faye ties her ankles together with more white rope then seductively pulls on a pair of long black shiny gloves up past her elbows then secures her delicate wrists into a set of metal handcuffs behind her that hang down from the ceiling by a chain. Faye loves the feeling of being in bondage so adds a set of thumb cuffs but she also feels safe in the fact that the keys to the handcuffs are in her hand. Now Faye tries to release herself but fumbles and drops her keys tantalisingly just out of reach – looks like a long day in bondage for Faye.




Updates started: Mar 29, 2017

Faye X Taylor enters dressed in pretty pink and white bra and pants and reads her instructions. First Faye secures leather cuffs onto both ankles and both wrists making sure they are padlocked so there is no chance of her escaping. Next Faye removes her pants and spreads a large amount of menthol along the metal edge of the Spanish donkey not knowing how painful the burning sensation it gives will be on her naked pussy. If Faye isn’t wearing pants she decides not to wear a bra and adds pegs to her nipples before fastening a posture collar around her neck to make sure we can see every painful expression on her face later. Faye now attaches ropes to her ankle cuffs and sits on the Spanish donkey then padlocks her wrist cuffs to the hook of a winch above her and operates the winch to pull up her arms. Finally Faye operates a second winch that pulls the ropes attached to her ankles to spread her legs so all of Faye’s weight is supported by her pussy on the unforgiving menthol covered metal edge of the Spanish donkey. It doesn’t take long for the menthol to start burning into Faye’s pussy but for Faye there is no escape and we can enjoy her pain.




Updates started: Apr 12, 2017

On the floor is a collar, some clamps and weights, a pin wheel, floggers, a violet wand, a ball gag, nipple suckers and a set of handcuffs and we told Faye to use them all! Firstly Faye fastened the collar around her neck then uses the pin wheel on her legs, nipples and pussy lips before running it over and over her clit. Next Faye plays the violet wand over her skin then increases its power before sliding its glowing glass length into her wet pussy and fucks herself with it. Faye’s nipples must have felt neglected because she places the nipple suckers onto them and turns the screws hard so her nipples become stretched as they are sucked into the devices. Now Faye picks up a flogger and with her legs wide apart flogs her naked pussy and the tops of her thighs before giving her bottom a good hard paddling. Faye enjoys anal play so was delighted when she opened a black box to reveal a metal anal butt plug inside that she eagerly eases into her arse. She then places weighted clover clamps onto the lips of her pussy and a ball gag in her mouth then stands to allow the weighted clover clamps to pull on her pussy before flogging and spanking herself again. There are still some weights left so Faye adds them to her pussy clamps and the anal plug then again spanks her own bottom with the leather paddle until the weight pulls out her anal plug. Undaunted Faye re-inserts the plug and cuffs her hands behind her back to display herself for your enjoyment.




Updates started: Apr 21, 2017

Faye X Taylor is already wearing her tight black latex catsuit as she zips up her new shiny black boots then inserts a vibrator and anal plug before closing the last zip of her catsuit and switching on the vibrator with a remote control. Faye finishes off her outfit with black latex gloves then liberally adds and spreads the special liquid over her entire latex covered body to make it shine and show off her curves. Next Faye secures leather cuffs to her ankles and wrists and connects her ankle cuffs to one end and her wrist cuffs to the other end of a wooden beam then using a remote control raises the beam so she is suspended and begins to bend and wriggle enjoying the feeling this has on her internal toys. After a while Faye changes position so she is hanging by just her ankles and opens the zipper of her cat suite as she watches herself in a large mirror. Eventually its time to stop but not before Faye removes the vibrator and slides it into her mouth to taste her juices coving the pink buzzing toy.




Updates started: Apr 26, 2017

Wearing a black body stocking Faye X Taylor eases her favourite vibrator into her pussy and a butt plug into her rear. Next Faye starts at her feet and wraps her body in clear cling film followed by a second layer of strong black gaffer tape. After placing a breathing tube in her mouth Faye wraps her head in more cling film before handcuffing her wrists above her head into a set of handcuffs attached to a winch that she raises then drops the remote control for the winch so there is no possibility of escape. Though the cling film Faye sees a figure coming towards her but there is nothing she can do as more cling film is wrapped around her hands, down her arms and around her head followed by more of the black gaffer tape until Faye is completely encased. Finally Faye is left to enjoy her vibrator and plug in total restrictive bondage.




Updates started: May 05, 2017

Faye X Taylor has a fear of water, so naturally we have a scene where she has to dunk her head under water to retrieve her keys. Faye is dressed in a thin cotton top and skirt as she drops a number of keys for her hand and thumb cuffs and a padlock into the water then sets a timer that will spray her with cold water as a distraction to her task of key retrieval. Next Faye slides a set of Ben Wa Balls into her pussy, for that intimate stimulation before padlocking a set of handcuffs to a chain secured to the ceiling then cuffing her wrists and thumbs behind her back. There is real apprehension and fear from Faye as she is forced to dunk her head repeatedly into the water for each key. After many failed attempts and her clothing has become soaking wet and almost completely see through Faye eventually retrieves all the keys and can releases herself.