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Your previews are censored - Are purchased movies censored?

  No we do not censor the movies you purchase, but we feel our site should be a responsible site and protect minors if they view our free pages.



Other websites that have self bondage use basic bondage, or the girl is tied up off camera and reappears tied.  Is your site the same?

  We can honestly say we are nothing like any other website with our girls using remote controlled winches and gadgets to secure them self in position to await their pre-arranged painful torments, intense sexually stimulation or both.





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As a member, how much content is on site?

  A short stay gives full access to the very latest content plus hundreds of hours of original self bondage movies from our archive. If you are the long stay wine connoisseur of girl self bondage then you gain access to much more from the rotating archive and the very first to view new content as it becomes available. We would love to keep all content permanently on site but the bandwidth costs and slower speeds would make it impractical. Rotating the older content also has the benefit of bringing sets to your attention that you may not have considered.



I don't like memberships - How else can I watch your movies?

  Try our Chimera Store or Streaming site @ resolution of 1920x1080 HD 

  Or our Clips4Sale site @ lower resolution of 1280x720 HD    Note:  Due to C4S censorship rules not all movies are allowed, but they are available in our Store



Disclosure of information:

  Your privacy is very important to you and to us - Your details will be maintained in confidence by Chimera Bondage and our payment processor, and will not be used for third-party sales promotions. Your information will not be disclosed except as required by law or if you publish our content without permission, then all information gathered by all and any means will be published into the public domain (Basically things have moved on so all movies are encript taged and VPN's dont work).





18 USC 2257 Statement:

The producers of this website are not subject to the laws or jurisdiction of the United States of America, UK or most of Europe by virtue of their varying geographic locations. All models are at least 18 years of age. Proof of age is held on file as required by law.


De makers van deze website zijn niet onderworpen aan de wetten of de jurisdictie van de Verenigde Staten van Amerika uit hoofde van hun uiteenlopende geografische locaties . Alle modellen zijn tenminste 18 jaar oud zijn . Het bewijs van leeftijd wordt gehouden in het dossier , zoals vereist door de lokale wetgeving .