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Hooded Kidnapped House Wife



After a random house wife is kidnapped, she is hooded and cuffed then lead into a room. Her arms are pulled up into a strappado with a chain then her arms are wrapped and zip tied before her bottom is spanked with a two tongued leather strap. Next her jeans are pulled down and a butt plug is inserted and she left to contemplate her predicament. The house wife now has her blouse unbuttoned and her breasts are exposed from her bra so her nipples can be clamped with lead weighted clover clamps.



The hooded house wife didn’t know what was about to happen – Nipples clamped and told to sit. Shoes and jeans remove and ankles tied up high to the back of the chair so she is exposed and no escape before a high power vibrator is tied in position on her clit and left to enjoy her predicament or suffer.



Hooded milf wearing only a red and black corset and stockings has her wrists cuffed above her and a spreader bar tied between her ankles. Next a stool with a heavy weight is placed in front of the milf and a crotch rope tied around the hooded milf and to the weight via a hook in the ceiling. Next the weight is taken off the stool and allowed to hang and so pull on the crotch rope as four weighted clover clamps are added to her pussy lips. Next her round bottom is fast and hard punished with a leather strap and left for the pain to sink in. After a few minutes the pain starts to diminish and a vibrator is pressed against her clit to pleasure her. Next her clamps and crotch rope are removed and she thinks is all over but instead her back and pussy is flogged before she is finally released and allowed to sit down with glimpses of her bruised bottom.



Milf dressed in leopard print leotard, leather skirt and patent bondage ballet boots has a leather armbinder secured onto her arms behind her back before a leather hood is laced and padlocked in place. Next her ankles are zip tied to her armbinder so she is hogtied with the addition of a zip tie around her wrists and a rope from her hood to her ankles to keep her head pulled back.