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At The Studio




Chimera Latest Updates


At The Studio


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New Blonde maid arrives and soon has stripped naked and begins to dress in her uniform - fishnet pantyhose, a skimpy maids outfit dress and heels. After looking at a screen she is hypnotised into the perfect house servant and begins to clean the room finding leather straps and handcuffs that she is compelled to secure herself with. After the signal is given she awakes from her hypnosis and struggles on the floor to escape until a key eventually drops into reach and she can release herself.




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Wearing a leather basque, micro mini skirt, stockings and heels, the studio slave enters the room. She fastens cuffs to her ankles, wrists and thighs then lowers herself down so the vibrating dildo slides deep into her pussy then padlocks her ankles to her thighs. Next she places a medical gag in her mouth and expands it to hold her mouth wide open before securing her wrists to a rope hanging down above her.




Sub Milf has to secure her ankles to her thighs with leather cuffs and padlocks then fasten her hands behind her back with a set of metal handcuffs. To receive the keys to the padlocks and handcuffs she has to suck water into her mouth via a dildo then fill a receptacle until it reaches a certain weight and the keys drop onto the floor for her release.




A new task is in the middle of the room – A metal bondage frame with two electro magnetic fixings with dildo and butt plug. Tracey fastens a bit gag in her mouth then padlocks her ankles to the frame and eases the dildo into her pussy. Next Tracy secures special cuffs to her wrist and fastens her neck to the frame so she is secured on her hands and knees. Finally Tracey places her special cuffs onto the electromagnets so she is unable to escape until the timer switches off the magnets for her release. Once released Tracey needs more so a hard black rubber butt plug is inserted into her arse and she re-secures herself into the frame – Now she is double penetrated and locked in position and soon begins to fuck the dildo.




Blonde slave enters the room dressed in a see through body stocking and examines a dildo sybian that has been placed next to a large mirror. Tracy fastens a black rubber bit gag in her mouth and lowers herself onto the dildo then blindfolds herself before cuffing her wrists behind her back. The key to her cuffs are wrapped in a pair of tights which she will have to find for her escape.




New Sub arrives at the studio for an audition to be in a (bondage) film – Tracey thinks it’s a porn film, we let her believe that and allow her to show how dirty she can be. Dildo’s, butt plugs, double penetration, 5 beads in her pussy and arse and clit powerful vibrator.



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Latex mini dress, Ball Gagged, Blindfolded, Bound With Red Rope Spread Eagle Before Striped Naked To Have Her Pussy Lips Clamped With Forceps And A Pole Dildo Slowly Inserted Into Her Pussy And Left Gagged Bound And Blindfolded To Enjoy Her Predicament.




Red head dressed in pink and black lingerie with stockings and suspender belt enters the room. She sits on the bed ties her hair back and places the E-stim pads on her breasts then uses bandage wrap to gag herself and switches on the E-stim. Next She secures her ankles to the sides of the headboard and her wrists into leather cuffs that are connected to a rope that will be used later. Once tied her ankle ropes are pull tight spreading her legs wide then the rope to her wrists is pulled taught lifting her up and back, painfully bending her back before allowing her back down to relax except for the E-stim. She is then repeatedly pulled up until her release.





The sub uses ropes and handcuffs to secure herself to the four corners of the bed before a vibrator is lowered to tease her then eventually she is allowed to eagerly fully fulfil her needs as she presses the vibrator hard onto her pussy .





The redhead breath play sub is dressed in PVC, heels and fishnet stockings as she reads her instructions before sitting on a wooden chair and uses leather straps to secure her ankles to the chair legs. Next she positions the violet wand onto her pussy and places the modified gas mask onto her head then uses more leather straps to secure her left arm to the chair before securing a metal disc to her right wrist. Now her breath play can begin as she shuts the air valve on her modified gas mask and places the metal disk onto an electro-magnet attached to the arm of the chair. The electro-magnet will keep her from opening the valve for a specific time then her wrist will be released allowing her to open the valve and breathe. To add to her suffering the violet wand is switched on between her legs as she repeatedly cycles closing the air valve and securing her wrist..





Our redhead sub enters our room that has a water barrel in the middle of the floor a pair of ballet boots and a set of handcuffs. After tying her hair back in a pony tail she sits to lace up the ballet boots onto her feet and inspects the barrel to find it has apples floating on the surface of the water. Time to cuff her hands behind her back, making her walk across the room to where they are hanging on a post then she has to walk back to the barrel to start her task – Bobbing for apples in her body stocking, ballet boots with hands cuffed behind her back until she finds the key.





Our sub enters a room with a wooden framed hammock and a chair placed for her use. She sits to read her instructions then lights a candle and drips its melting wax onto her body through her fishnet body stocking. Next she lies on the hammock and fastens her ankles apart to its frame then straps a ball gag in her mouth before using an electro-magnet to secures her wrists behind and above her head. Above her there is a row of lit candles that begin to drip hot wax onto her bound body until a timer switches off the magnet and she can release herself.





In the middle of the room hanging from a ceiling winch is a nylon bondage body bag as our sub girl enters naked holding a dildo. After reading her instructions she pulls the bag over her while holding the dildo in her mouth then ties off the bottom of the bag and repeatedly fucks herself with the dildo and sucks it as the winch pulls it up to the ceiling in stages. Eventually she is suspended in the air as cold water is sprayed over her from above before she is lowered and she sits cross legged in the beg before being raised up into the air again. After she is gassed with sleeping gas a large wooden barrel is placed beneath her ready for when she wakes up. Once awake our sub is lowered into the barrel, the winch is disconnected and the lid of the barrel secured – Our sub is now ready for transport or storage.