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At The Studio 001


Latex mini dress, Ball Gagged, Blindfolded, Bound With Red Rope Spread Eagle Before Striped Naked To Have Her Pussy Lips Clamped With Forceps And A Pole Dildo Slowly Inserted Into Her Pussy And Left Gagged Bound And Blindfolded To Enjoy Her Predicament.


Red head dressed in pink and black lingerie with stockings and suspender belt enters the room. She sits on the bed ties her hair back and places the E-stim pads on her breasts then uses bandage wrap to gag herself and switches on the E-stim. Next She secures her ankles to the sides of the headboard and her wrists into leather cuffs that are connected to a rope that will be used later. Once tied her ankle ropes are pull tight spreading her legs wide then the rope to her wrists is pulled taught lifting her up and back, painfully bending her back before allowing her back down to relax except for the E-stim. She is then repeatedly pulled up until her release.


The sub uses ropes and handcuffs to secure herself to the four corners of the bed before a vibrator is lowered to tease her then eventually she is allowed to eagerly fully fulfil her needs as she presses the vibrator hard onto her pussy .


The redhead breath play sub is dressed in PVC, heels and fishnet stockings as she reads her instructions before sitting on a wooden chair and uses leather straps to secure her ankles to the chair legs. Next she positions the violet wand onto her pussy and places the modified gas mask onto her head then uses more leather straps to secure her left arm to the chair before securing a metal disc to her right wrist. Now her breath play can begin as she shuts the air valve on her modified gas mask and places the metal disk onto an electro-magnet attached to the arm of the chair. The electro-magnet will keep her from opening the valve for a specific time then her wrist will be released allowing her to open the valve and breathe. To add to her suffering the violet wand is switched on between her legs as she repeatedly cycles closing the air valve and securing her wrist..