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We do not censor the movies you purchase, but we are a responsible site to protect minors and censor our free pages.

ChimeraBondage models really do endure their clamps, forced orgasms, anal, spanking and all of their chosen torment and forms of sexual stimulation. Latest Updates 



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As a micro site, costs can't allow all content to be on site at one time. Chimera rotate a good selection onto site from our archived content every week, this gives interest back to the clips people may have overlooked.

When you become a member we always accept requests from our archive content (and idea's) to be put on site.

Recurring membership is the best option to gain access to our very latest movies before anyone else, and we very much appreciate you. also has its own excellent clips sites for individual sales - Please visit Chimera's Clips E-Store



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The producers of this website are not subject to the laws or jurisdiction of the United States of America by virtue of their European location but we always keep records to testify all models are of 18+ years of age. Proof of age is always held on file as required by law.




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