7 scenes  -  144 movie minutes



Anita is dressed in shiny black latex and is already tied down to the floor by her boyfriend with her legs frog tied and her arms in a leather armbinder that is attached to a winch above her. In front of her on the floor is a note that reads “Stay quiet if you know what is good for you!” Anita struggles to escape and shouts at her boyfriend who is leaving her alone and as she shouts her armbinder is raised a few inches making her struggle even more and scream making her arms raised a few more inches. Anita looks down at the note and reads it, but this just infuriates her and she struggles and screams again with her arms being raised even higher, but this just makes her struggle and scream even more with the conscience of her arms being raised still further. Anita is now in a very strict position that she soon starts to find painful, but after a brief time of her keeping quiet her arms are lowered. Anita immediately struggles and screams again with her arms being raised back up leaving Anita breathing heavy and struggles but also keeping quiet this time and her arms are lowered once more and the cycle continues.



After setting a timer on the wall that energises an electromagnet on the floor behind her, latex dressed Anita fastens leather ankle cuffs over her ballet boots and connects them to each end of a wooden beam attached to the hook of an electric hoist above her and fastens a black rubber ball gag in her mouth. Next she elegantly slides long silky gloves up her arms and fastens leather cuffs onto her wrists with a chain attached to a metal plate and places the contacts for her EMS unit under her clothing and switches it on so its count down time is running. Anita pulls a spandex head hood over her head making sure the in-built blindfold is in place then places her arms over a short metal beam that is suspended by a second winch then moves the metal plate behind her until it is held by the electromagnet. Finally Anita picks up a remote control and presses one of the buttons so her elbows are raised, then she presses another button and her ankles are raised then drops the remote control knowing she must now endure her position and two of the programs from the EMS until the timer lowers her arms and legs and switches off the electro magnet.



Anita padlocks an ice release between a set of handcuffs and a shackle on the wall and places the key to the cuffs on a shelf below then places pegs on each side of her nipples. Next Anita secures a spreader bar between her ankles with leather straps and ties a knotted crotch rope around herself with new white rope before fastening its free end to a bungee cord in front of her so it is kept punishingly tight. Lastly she places a rubber gasmask over her head and cuffs her hands behind her back into the cuffs locked to the wall. Now with every small movement the crotch rope torments Anita that she will have to tolerate until the ice release melts and she can reach the key to her handcuffs and escape.



Anita is dressed in her favourite tight pink latex dress as she sets a timer and places a key onto an electro magnet above her on the ceiling so it is ready to drop when the timer switches it off. Anita then ties her ankles and knees with new white ropes and padlocks a chain to her ankle rope before stuffing her mouth full with one of her stockings and ties a second stocking in her mouth to keep it in place then she places a black patent high heeled shoe over her mouth and face and uses a red elastic bandage to wrap around her head and the shoe to keep it in position. Finally she lays on her front on the floor and handcuffs her wrists behind her back then padlocks the set of handcuffs to the chain she had padlocked to her ankle rope earlier so she is now securely hogtied. Anita can now only wriggle and struggle as she waits for the key to drop into reach so she can escape.



Anita is dressed in extremely tight military patterned latex hot pants and buckled top with black shiny patent high heeled shoes ties a rope crotch rope around herself the frog ties both her legs before she asks her boyfriend to “help” her with the rest of her rope bondage. After removing her shoes to reveal her naked feet he strictly ties her arms behind her back by her wrist and elbows and also ties ropes from her big toes to her opposite frog tied leg then leaves her to escape.



Anita sets a timer then fastens leather cuffs to both her ankles then removes her tight latex top and secures a stiff black and red leather collar around her neck before sitting on a saddle that is placed in the middle of the room on a tall stand. Next she attaches ropes that are hanging down from a hoist to her ankle cuffs and fastens leather cuffs to each wrist that are already attached to a rope that goes to a second winch. Anita now operates one winch with a remote control until her arms are pulled up above her head then she operates the second winch so her feet are pulled up off the floor behind her then drops the remote control onto the floor and out of reach. After a few minutes Anita finds the saddle far too easy and comfortable and manages to wriggle the saddle off the stand to reveal the cold hard metal edge of the Spanish donkey that she will now have to rest her tight latex covered crotch on or try to ease the pain by suspending her body with her arms and legs until the timer lowers her and she can reach the floor and escape.



Anita is now dressed in her 1950’s swimsuit and walks over to a micro controller and presses a few buttons to start its program then sits on the floor and ties ropes around her ankles and around her waist. Next Anita puts her legs over a metal bar suspended by an electric hoist and ties the ropes from her ankles onto the back of the rope around her waist. Anita then secures a set of handcuffs onto each wrist and then a metal spreader bar between the cuffs and prepares for the when the micro controls program count down finishes. Anita has practiced this routine and has the timing just right so within a few seconds the controller operates the electric hoist and she is lifted into the air until she is hanging inverted. Within seconds of being fully inverted it is obvious her swimming costume is not going to stay in place and she is hanging topless and waiting for the micro controller to activate the hoist and lower her back down to freedom.