Tracey Lain #2

7 scenes  -  125 movie minutes



Tracey is on the phone - - “Hi I am told you do bondage and you will give me an experience I will never forget ? Yes I can transfer $1000 to your account now. When will it happen ? You won’t tell me ! How will I know when....I wont ! That sounds very scary”. Later there is a knock at her door and she is gassed and kidnapped. The next time we see Tracey is when she is on the floor gagged, hooded and hogtied. Tracey hears a set of keys drop to the floor and struggles to the key and manages to free herself then opens an envelope with her name on it and reads its contents aloud.



Tracey enters the room and places her keys on a stool then quickly reads though her instructions before removing her skirt, panties and shirt and fastening leather straps to her ankles. Next she secures a metal plate with a chain attached to an electromagnet screwed to a ceiling beam then places clamps on the lips of her pussy and padlocks them together. Tracey finally attaches a spreader bar between her ankle straps and handcuffs her wrists to a chain hanging from the plate on the ceiling and reads her instruction to find out how to escape. After trying to reach her keys on the stool she eventually realizes what she has to do, the dildo can not go inside her pussy because of the padlocked clamps, and so slowly eases backward until the cold metal of the dildo touches her anus. With a very unhappy face and a whimper she very VERY slowly pushes her body backward, with a pause or two and a withdrawal before starting again until the dildo is fully inserted inside her. Her only means of escape is for her to warm the dildo until a preset temperature is reached and the magnet is switched off allowing her to reach her keys. While Tracey is waiting for this to happen she discovers an old wooden school ruler inside the old school desk that she is leaning on and with annoyance at her captures begins to give them something to watch by spanking her own bottom until it starts to glow. Eventually the dildo warms up sufficiently, the magnet releases and she can reach her keys, un-cuff herself and painfully remove her pussy clamps before selecting another envelope with her next task inside.



Tracey reads her next task and fastens a collar around her neck and removes her bra then fixes leather straps to her ankles and knees. Tracey next tapes the powerful Hitachi vibrator into position to give her maximum stimulation then secures the leather straps down to the floor and places a medical gag in her mouth and an anal hook in her arse. Tracey then padlocks a short bar between the floor and the front of her collar then raises the anal hook by means of a small remote controlled winch and discards the remote control out of reach. Finally Tracey switches on the vibrator and handcuffs her wrists to the floor in front of herself so she is forced to watch herself in a mirror as she dribbles from her mouth as her first orgasm hits her, and as more and more orgasms are forced from her now shaking body, perspiration begins to run over her skin and drip from her nipples, and still the vibrator relentlessly works on her clit forcing her to repeatedly orgasm over and over again!



Tracey reads the contents of her envelope then inserts a bullet vibrator into both her pussy and arse then replaces her panties and sits on the chair and ties ropes to her ankles and pulls them to the back of the chair and ties them off so her legs are spread. Tracey now places a chain around her neck and connects it to a rope that goes up to the ceiling and back down via a pulley with a weight on its end. Tracey finally handcuffs her wrists behind her and starts to wriggle as the vibrators change speed and rhythm - Tracey enjoys the vibrators not knowing what is in store for her then a hose pipe is switched on and jet of water guided over her remotely - She screams very loud as the cold water hits her and she struggles to escape. After a few cycles of the water starting and stopping Tracey asks “Is this what you want ?” And exposes her breasts but the water starts again targeting her nipples making Tracey scream - Tracey tries again to stop the cold water and exposes her pussy but the water is instead directed between her legs. After some time and many cycles of the water been switched on and off and directed over her the water permanently stops and Tracey is left cold and shivering.



Tracey Lain dresses in shinny black latex rubber selects an ice release wrapped in bubble wrap to keep it cold from a box and padlocks it to a hook on the ceiling then stands with legs apart over a pit in the floor and fastens a chain between her ankles then places a gas mask over her head with its breather pipe disappearing out of sight. Next she handcuffs one wrist to a hook above and to her left and the other wrist to the ice release she padlocked in place earlier so she is spread eagle and waits. As she starts to struggle she hears a valve open as the hose is automatically switched on and directed over her. Again as in her first water torture the water is periodically switched on and off until the ice release melts and she can release herself.



Tracey Lain selects another ice release from the box and padlocks it to a hook on the ceiling as before then unbuckles the front of her latex bra and fastens a ball gag in her mouth then stands with legs apart over a pit in the floor and clamps her pussy lips and allows a weight to hang from the clamps to pull and torment her pussy. Next she handcuffs her wrists to a hook and the ice release above her so she is spread again and waits for the cold water to be sprayed over her. Tracey hears a beep as the hose is remotely switched on and directed over her - making a target of her nipples and clamped pussy. Again the hose is periodically switched on and off so you can enjoy her shivering body until the ice release melts and she can release herself.



Tracey thinks it is all a joke when she is left with a long fat cucumber to play with and soon she has it inserted into her arse ! Then after she shows how much she can take of the cucumber in her arse and some ATM Tracey gags herself with an old iron bit gag then manacles her wrists and chains a device that she inserts into both her arse and pussy to her wrist manacles. Finally she poses for the camera with a slave for sale sign as Tracey realises that now she really is a slave for sale !