Tracey Lain

10 scenes  -  124 movie minutes




Tracey Lain is dressed as a high school student as she tapes her ankles to the legs of the chair she is sat on then Tracey places a clamp on her pussy that clamps her lips and also keeps her pussy open. Next Tracey lubes a large porcelain cone shaped butt plug that she slowly lowers her self onto with increasing pain as the size of it stretches her anus. Finally Tracey handcuffs her hands behind her back so there is no escape from her self inflicted predicament.




Tracey Lain in police uniform needs bondage and to try her new Speedcuffs will be perfect. After placing the key to her cuffs outside the room with a long length of cord attached that Tracey will have to reel in to get the key when she needs to escape she secures her ankles to the legs of her chair with thick leather straps. Now its time for the Speedcuffs and Tracey elects for them to lock her wrists behind her back for that full bondage feeling. When her randy husband finds her and wants a blowjob, Tracey isn’t in the mood which results in her breasts having clothespins placed on them and weighted clover clamps on her nipples until she yields and has his cock fuck her mouth then propel his cum over her face.




Tracey Lain is dressed in a red corset, satin blouse, leather mini skirt and stockings as she prepares for some bondage fun on the living room coffee table. On the table are two sets of handcuffs, ropes and leather straps, the straps Tracey fastens to her ankles then slides a metal butt plug into her arse and a pink dildo into her pussy. Now Tracey is ready for her selfbondage and lies on her back on the table and ties her ankle straps to the legs of the table then cuffs her wrists to the other legs of the table near her head. Tracy’s husband has been secretly watching her and when Tracey is fully secure he decides to take advantage of the situation. After a hand spanking Tracey’s dildo is removed then her knickers are ripped open before another hand spanking making her sphincter muscles contract hard onto her butt plug with ever stroke (Something Tracey secretly loves), but when the spanking stops her muscles relax and the heavy metal butt plug eases itself out and drops to the floor. Time for Tracey to cum and the use of a large vibrator and the application of her husband’s fingers soon has Tracey erupting into orgasm. But her husband hasn’t finished yet, after groping her breasts he opens her blouse to expose her tits, then after another grope and pulling her nipples, clothespins are added to her tender breast flesh before Tracey has his cock pushed into her mouth for a bondage blowjob.




Tracey Lain is in the mood for bondage and is dressed in fishnet stockings, red heels and a sexy dress. To match her red shoes Tracey has some red rope that she uses to tie her ankles and knees then cuffs her hands behind her back and begins to wriggle and struggle on the floor. Tracey’s husband discovers Tracey bound in her sexy dress and with her breasts exposed, he calls her a slut and spanks her bottom and exposes her butt hole and pussy. Now with Tracey on her knees he uses his slut wife to suck his cock until he cums over her face.




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Tracey Lain wants to be bound and helplessly forced to cum while tied spread to her bed. Tracey removes her white cotton blouse but leaves on her red bra, fishnet stockings and leather mini skirt then ties her powerful vibrator between her legs. Now Tracey is ready for her bondage and begins by using her red rope to tie her ankles to the bottom corners of her bed, then for extra stimulation Tracey slides a metal butt plug into her arse before cuffing her wrists to the top corners of her bed to enjoy an afternoon of orgasms. Tracy’s husband hears her passion and decides to spank her slutty bottom for not inviting him to the afternoon fun. After a hand spanking that makes Tracey’s bottom glow nicely a dildo is used to fuck her pussy – Tracey loves double penetration!




Tracey Lain needs some kinky afternoon self-bondage fun. Dressed in only her pantyhose and red bra Tracey begins by stuffing her mouth full with two pairs of her knickers then wraps a red bandage over her mouth and around her head before also wrapping black insulation tape over the top of the bandage for that totally gagged feeling. Now Tracey needs her pussy and arse filling so rips open her pantyhose and stuffs two smoky grey stockings into her eager pussy and a set of anal beads into her butt. Now its time for her crotch rope followed by frog tying of her legs and finally her favourite part, using her Speedcuffs to secure her hands behind her back knowing there will be no escape until her neighbour comes to free her in two hours, and hopefully take advantage of her predicament.




Clothespins, anal hook, vibrator, cuffs and Tracey Lain is ready for some fun for her kinky postman’s birthday. Tracey removes her basque then adds the clothespins to her pussy lips and one special one to her clit before tying her ankles to the bottom corners of her bed. Next Tracey eases the anal hook into place and ties its rope to the head board then blindfolds herself, finally chaining her wrists to the headboard to excitedly wait for the postman’s arrival. As expected the postman soon arrives, opens the front door and makes his way to her bedroom where a large vibrator is soon put to use. What Tracey hadn’t expected was the flogging, hard spanking and dildo fucking she next received, but all’s forgiven when the postman’s dick penetrates her pussy and then feels his warm cum.




Tracey Lain is alone and horny so quickly pulls down her jeans then eases her metal butt plug into her arse then pushes a dildo up into her cunt for a satisfying double penetration before pulling her jeans back and adding a crotch rope to keep her toys firmly in place. With Tracey kneeling on her bed she ties her knees to the sides of the bed and her ankles together then a large vibrator in position and switches it on. Next Tracey’s nipples are clamped with clover clamps and a heavy chain is hung from the clamps to intensify their grip and pain while her breasts have clothespins added before Tracey uses a set of handcuffs tied to the headboard to cuffs her hands behind her back. The visible pain from the clamps and the pleasure of the toys and vibrator are a feast to watch.




Tracey Lain is dressed in just a thin summer dress and stockings as she slides her metal butt plug into her arse. Next Tracey spreads her legs and pulls down her dress to reveal both her pussy and breasts then pinches her nipples and slaps her breasts so her nipples become erect. Now Tracey is horny and in need of some kinky bondage fun so after fastening leather cuffs to her ankles she ties then above her head to the top of the beds head board before easing a vibrator into her pussy and cuffing her wrists to the head board. Tracey is enjoying the vibrator, the DP and the feeling of total vulnerability, but what she didn’t expect is the butt plug to disappear up into her arse!



Tracey Lain is dressed in a red PVC dress and fishnet stockings and feeling sluty and kinky as she unzips her dress ready for the fun to come with the postman. Tracey loves the feeling of helplessness and that the postman can do what ever he wants with her so she quickly flog ties her legs and secures her wrist behind her back while the postman watches. The postman writes “Dirty Fuck Bitch” on her exposed breasts then tells her to lie on the bed so he can fuck her mouth. Next the Postman writes “Butt Fuck Whore” on Tracey’s arse then finger fucks her anus before trusting his dick into her. The postman notices a dildo and with Tracey on her back he fucks her cunt with the dildo until she cums, covering it in her juices that Tracy is then made to suck as the dildo is pushed into her mouth.