7 scenes  -  154 movie minutes



Anita is reading an old bondage magazine while she builds up her courage to try her latest idea and allow her pussy to be electrocuted while she is bound by means of a random roulette game. Anita also plans that there will be no escape or be able to stop the electric shocks until her mistress arrives to free her. Anita is scared of her idea but her increasingly damp panties tell her she needs to do this. Anita first removes her skirt and top then ties ropes around her knees and ankles and padlocks leather cuffs to her wrists then slides down her damp panties and eases her body into position so the copper electrodes are in contact with her wet pussy. With Anita’s wet pussy and her juices covering the electrode she knows this will conduct the electricity much easier and so be very intense and this makes her even more excited and turned on that in turn makes her pussy even wetter. Anita now ties ropes from her ankle to hooks each side of her and her knee ropes to a winch then turns on the shock machine and increases its power to maximum. After padlocking her wrist cuffs to a second winch and adding her thumb cuffs Anita uses a remote control to operate both winches that pull her knees apart and her arms up behind her then she switches on the roulette game with the remote control and discards it. The chance of Anita receiving an electric shock is one in four but when she does it always makes her yelp!



After setting a timer to allow her escape Anita padlocks leather cuffs onto her wrists then checks her emergency alarm that will dial her mistress to alert that help is needed. Anita uses leather ankle straps to secure a spreader bar between her ankles then fastens a knotted crotch rope around herself and attaches its end onto an electric winch above and behind her. After padlocking her wrists to a rope that goes to a second winch Anita uses a remote control to operate the winches that pulls her arms up behind her so she is forced to bend over and then tightens the crotch rope onto her pussy over the thin material of her panties. The mixture of pain from the position and the pleasure of the crotch rope pressed between her labia and the knots onto her clit is why Anita likes this particular form of self bondage. Every small movement of Anita’s position rubs the knot of the crotch rope against her clit which soon begins to make her pants moist to the touch and she wishes she was free to use her favored powerful vibrator. When her shoulders and legs begin to ache and she needs to release herself Anita will have to wait until the timer set earlier allows the remote control to work and she can reverse the winches. Eventually the timer beeps to signify Anita can use her remote control, but when she tries the winch jams and she is stuck! After struggling for a few minutes Anita is forced to use her emergency button to ask her mistress for help knowing her mistress will take advantage and punish Anita for disturbing her. When Anita’s mistress arrives she is carrying a black leather paddle and without a word of warning begins to spank Anita’s very vulnerable bottom, quickly covering it in marks from the paddle and making it change to a most nice warm color.



Anita enters carrying an ice release wrapped in bubble wrap to keep it cold then proceeds to dress in a skin tight black latex catsuit and matching long opera type latex gloves before spraying her body with the liquid serum to shine her latex making this part of the movie especially for the latex enthusiast. Next Anita removes the ice release from its wrappings and padlocks it to the floor then she ties a white knotted crotch rope around herself then ties the ends of a rope that passes through a pulley connected to an electric winch around each of her ankles. After connecting the end of her crotch rope to a rope from a second electric winch Anita handcuffs one wrist to the floor and the other to the ice release then uses a remote control to operate one winch to bring her legs up and over her. After a brief test of her leg movements Anita operates the winch connected to her crotch rope to pull in tight before enjoying her bondage and latex with some gym exercises. The feel of the tight latex on her body is exquisite to Anita and all the movements exaggerate this, and with the crotch rope that is constantly under tension to provide her with extra stimulation in a certain woman’s special place encourages her not to stop her movements. But eventually stop she must and after releasing herself a few hours of girl time under the covers of her bed maybe on the menu!



Anita enters dressed in her black skin tight latex catsuit and very high heels and uses a serum to shine her catsuit using her latex covered hands to massage the serum over the surface of the catsuit and into all and every place she can reach until her body completely glistens in the light. Anita then sets a timer for later and padlocks a leather cuff onto each wrist then moves in front of a tall wooden pole and padlocks a blue leather collar to the pole. Anita places her back to the pole and secures leather cuffs to her ankles that have ropes connected to an electric winch then fastens the collar around her neck and padlocks her wrist cuffs to a metal ring that also has a rope connected that goes to a second electric winch. Next Anita places a black hood over her head and uses a remote control to operate the winches to spread her legs and pull up tight her arms above her head then waits for the timer to start the final part of her bondage. As Anita waits the cameras move slowly over her shiny latex clad body from all angles showing the full beauty of her curves until a beep is heard from the timer and the water spray begins. An icy cold water mist sprays over Anita’s latex catsuit until tiny rivers of water being to run over and around her curves then down the latex cooling her body and making her nipples erect and visible as much as they are allowed though the very tight latex. But this is not enough for Anita and so to increase her bondage ordeal the timer beeps again and the spray nozzle is raised to spray over her hood and begin her waterboarding torment for some serious bondage!



We have frog tied Anita with her toes tied as part of her hogtie and left her to escape as a challenge, which after some struggling and wriggling she completes. Anita enjoys to be tied in rope so much she decides to tie her self with the same red ropes without telling us what she was about to do, which was a very pleasant surprise! Anita looks fabulous struggling in her blue lingerie contrasting the red ropes and rug.



Anita enters the play room dressed in a see through blouse, short PVC skirt, stockings with high heels and sets the release timer. Anita removes her shoes then slowly strips off all her clothing and fastens a purple leather collar around her neck with her handcuff key attached then places clothes pegs on each side of her nipples before fastening a purple rubber ball gag in her mouth. After mounting the infamous Spanish donkey Anita adjusts a high power Tens unit that is connected to the Spanish donkey so that if she tries to use her feet to take her weight she will receive an electric shock. Anita handcuffs her wrists and hooks them onto an electric hoist above her and uses a remote control to raise her arms and switch on the Tens unit. Anita now has to suffer the increasing pain inflicted by the Spanish donkey between her legs or ease the pain and receive an electric shock until the timer activates the winch to lower her arms so she can reach the key to the handcuffs and release herself.



Anita so wanted to wear her little latex outfit so of cause we let her, then asked her to tie her ankles with some nice soft red rope and add the metal hand and thumb cuffs. As Anita eased her body into the thin tight latex we instantly realised she wouldn’t need a crotch rope as the tight latex would do a perfect job between her legs. After using an electric winch to raise her arms up behind her to make her bondage much more difficult Anita accidentally drops her keys and we can enjoy her struggles as she pleads to be released.