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Lucy Lauren


Lucy Lauren wants to play outdoor on the trampoline and has brought some bondage gear with her to make it more fun. Firstly Lucy strips off naked in the cold February air that make her nipples hard within seconds then adds weighted clamps to her erect nipples and more to her pussy lips then fastens a bright red ball gag in her mouth before securing her hands behind her back. Lucy soon starts to regret the extra weights as she begins to bounce up and down on the trampoline.


Lucy Lauren had just finished some rope work on herself when she was told she has use of a metal bondage bed, so Lucy quickly runs to the bedroom to try it out. Lucy being Lucy quickly strips off her clothes and then frog ties her legs, adds a leather collar and leather cuffs with a red ballgag keeping her semi quiet. As Lucy knows we like weighted clamps she adds these to her nipples and pussy before attaching a winch to her previous rope work then fastens her hands behind her back. All that is left to do is use the controller to winch her up into the air above the bed.


Lucy Lauren has another self bondage task to complete. This involves getting naked then adding clamps to her nipples and her bone gag and nose hook as well as clothespins to her pussy and a crotch rope. Taped to a table is her vibrator, all Lucy has to do is use the crotch rope to lift her pussy into contact with the vibrator until she orgasms.


Lucy Lauren’s next selfbondage fun is to hogtie herself in the bath fully clothed, but to add to her naughtiness Lucy isn’t wearing her bra or panties. After fastening a cleave gag in her mouth Lucy frog ties her legs then lies down in the bath and secures her wrists to her ankles. The few inches of water that is already in the bath is not exciting enough for Lucy so she kicks off her shoes and using her toes turns on the taps to add more water. Later, this maybe Lucy’s undoing if her friend doesn’t hurry to help.


Lucy Lauren has been given a bondage dare to be completed outside in her garden. Firstly she has to strip completely naked then gag herself and adds pegs (clothespins) to her nipples. Next Lucy secures her ankles so she is spread so there is no hiding of her naked pussy. Finally Lucy blindfolds herself then handcuffs her wrists above her. With no key to her handcuffs Lucy has to untie her ropes before she can run back to the safety of her home..



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