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Tracey Lain


Tracey Lain wearing a vivid blue dress, stockings and thin pointy high heeled shoes needs some good old fashioned chair bondage. After setting the timer so her keys will drop into reach from the electro-magnet holding them out of reach on the ceiling, and padlocking a set of handcuffs to the back of the chair Tracey sits and uses leather straps to secures her ankles to the front legs of the chair. Now is the point of no return that always fills Tracey with excitement as she feels the cold metal of the cuffs and then the click click click of the cuffs tighten around her wrists. Knowing she will be bound for the next hour bound looking lick a slut showing her stocking tops and blue panty’s turns her on until the door to her home dungeon closes with a thud. How did he get in, who is he and what will he do to her? Tracy’s legs are retied and her blue dress is cut open to reveal her pert breasts ready for some nipple play, but first a collar is fastened around Tracey’s neck and tied to the ceiling followed by a humiliating nose hook. Now her nipples pumped to make them ready for clamping, first a set of stainless steel nipple pincers are applied that’s so painful as the thin wire fingers dig deep into her sensitive nipples. The removal is even more painful before a set of heavy weighted clamps are tightened onto her already throbbing nipples. After a breast flogging Clothespins are added for her final humiliation, to have her panties cut off so her pussy and anus is on full view – Trace is now the real smutty bondage girl she always wanted to be.


Tracey Lain is in a kinky mood so dresses in a black short leather skirt that shows her stocking tops and suspender straps with heels and thin white tee shirt with no bra. Sometime Tracey loves to look smutty, especially if she is going to be in bondage. Tracey fastens leather cuffs to her ankles and writs then attaches ropes to her ankles that go to each side of the room holding her legs apart. Next Tracey attaches more ropes that hang down from the ceiling to her wrists and blindfolding herself. Now Tracey is bound a goon enters and pulls her ropes tight so Tracey is spread eagle and helpless before her tee shirt, skirt and panty’s are ripped off leaving Tracey naked except for her stockings, suspender belt and heels. Tracey’s blindfold is removed allowing her to see the butt plug that is about to be inserted into her arse and the floggers that are used on her breasts and back. Tracey’s torment has only just began as clover clamps are added to her pussy with cords tied to her ankles to keep them painfully taught, followed by more flogging where any movement increases her misery. Now more clover clamps are placed on Tracey’s nipples with cords to her wrists followed by menthol placed on her clit that soon begins to feel like her pussy is on fire. Now the goon sits back to enjoy Tracy’s naked body, bound, clamped and suffering, before her final pain punishment of removing the clamps that seems even more painful than having the clamps attached.


Tracey Lain is dressed in black panties, stockings and PVC jacket and skirt with matching black heels for her first real spanking and flogging scene. Tracey is hand spanked, strapped, whipped and other instruments such as a wooden school ruler, and table tennis bat used to turn her bottom and thighs red and bruised, and to add to her humiliation her panties are pulled down while part of the punishment is administered. Now her bottom and thighs are red and bruised its time for Tracey’s breast to turn red with a flogging as she stands with her arms spread to accept her required chastisement. This is not our normal scene but was part of an exclusive commission that now thanks to their generosity we are allowed to publish.


Tracey Lain is willing to do anything for her master – She soon disrobes to underwear and ties her ankles and wrists to opposing walls. Her master soon requires her bra removed with the addition of a ring gag and weighted nipple clamps. Her knickers are removed and weights are added to her nipple clamps then a weighted crotch rope tied in place and pussy clamps. More weights and pegs are added to Tracy’s tits and pussy with more weights to her crotch rope, and then even more weights until tears rolled down her cheeks. When Tracey thought it couldn’t get any worse she is subjected to 1200 volt electric shocks that make her body move uncontrollably increasing the punishment from her clamps and crotch rope.


Tracey Lain dressed in white shirt, jeans and boots needs a bondage fix, so fastens a bit gag in her mouth then secures her wrists to a chain hanging from the ceiling using an ice release. The feeling of bondage with her hands secured behind her back always excites Tracy but suddenly a goon breaks into her home dungeon and ties a spreader bar between her ankles, discards the ice release and replaces it with a padlock leaving no escape for Tracey Lain. Tracey’s shirt and jeans are unbuttoned but then the goon has a better idea and cuts off her jeans and removes Tracey’s bit gag so he can hear her protests. Tracy is now feeling very vulnerable which soon changes to panic when an inflatable dildo is produced and inserted into her pussy before inflated and withdrawn while still inflated. The process is repeated a number of times with each time the dildo inflated bigger before unceremoniously pulled from her pussy. Next a powerful vibrator is used on her pussy before she is fucked with a wine bottle and the vibrator used a second time, finally Tracey is left bound and naked.




Tracey Lain #2


Tracey Lain already dressed in a bright red catsuit and wearing a gasmask and thick metal cuffs on all for limbs unzips her catsuit and eases a large glass butt plug into her arse then a pink cock dildo into her cunt. Tracey now on the bed chains and padlocks her ankles and wrists to the four corners of the bed to enjoy her bondage and internal toys. After listening to every breath of Tracy via the restriction of her gasmask an intruder unzips the top of Tracey’s catsuit, gropes her tits then adds pegs to her nipples. Next Tracey’s large vibrator is placed onto her clit to bring her to orgasm, but the intruder has other ideas and as Tracey is about to cum the vibrator is removed denying her of her climax, one, two, four or more times Tracey is denied her orgasm until finally she is allow her climax then left with the key to her escape out of reach.


Tracey Lain wearing only her lycra hood is in the mood for kinky naked bondage and wastes no time in chaining and cuffing herself face down to the four corners of her bed. Then a dirty goon breaks in and has some kinky ideas of his own and gives Tracey the option of a flogging or a big long dildo anal fuck. Tracey isn’t keen on the dildo and opts for a flogging but the goon keeps asking and administrating another flogging until Tracey relents and agrees to the dildo up her arse. With no lube the dildo is pushed into Tracey’s arse and her dildo fuck begins, but the goon enjoys flogging Tracey so can’t resist a few more strokes followed by ATM with Tracy’s mouth full of the used anal dildo.


Tracey Lain Wearing a white blouse, short skirt and fishnet stockings Tracey Lain enters the room for some self bondage fun. First Tracey removes her panty’s and slides her pink remote controlled vibrator deep into her pussy then cuts a length of microfoam and places it over her mouth for today’s gag of choice. Now Tracey uses her red rope to tie both her ankles and knees then uses her speedcuffs to secure her hands behind her back and then adds thumbcuffs to add to her bondage. As Tracey enjoys her bondage and struggles on her bet the buttons of her blouse pop open one by one to reveal her sexy red and black bra.


Tracey Lain needs something different to her normal bondage so after inserting her glass butt plug and remote control vibrator Tracey pulls on her blue jeans, picks up a set of handcuffs and leaves the house. Tracey finds a wooded area near a busy road pulls a hood over her head and cuffs her hands behind her back and becomes excited that she could be discovered. After enjoying her scary kinky outdoor bondage Tracey releases herself and eases her jeans down, plays with her pussy before sliding her butt plug from her arse to suck on the warm glass plug before returning home to taste her pussy juices that cover her vibrator.


Tracey Lain is in a dirty, kinky mood as she visits her secret spot in the woods to have some fun, and knowing she will be discovered and the cars driving past adds to her excitement. Trace has brought her pink cock dildo that she fucks herself with until her need for an arse fuck takes over and she fucks her arse then returns to fuck her pussy again before sucking her cock dildo to enjoy the taste of her juices. Tracey’s excitement is growing with the thought of discovery; Tracey gags and ties herself to a tree hoping the dog walker is on time. Her plan has worked and the dog walker finds her and without prompting adds to her bondage. What Tracey hadn’t planed was the dog walker uses a water pistol to exercise his dog and now sprays Tracey with some perfect shoots to the head. Tracey didn’t like the cold water so was glad when she was left to release herself and more dildo fucking. Tracey pulls on her gas mask to add some kink and begins to fuck her pussy with her dildo but unexpectedly the dog walker returns with another volley of water fire.


Tracey Lain decides to go fetish (also note her finger nails) with a PVC under bust basque and stockings. Tracey fills her arse with her glass butt plug and her pussy with her pink remote controlled vibrator, before frog tying her legs and filling her mouth and taping over her lips to stop any unexpected screams. Next Tracey adds pegs (clothespins) to her pussy lips and pushes her limits by adding her dreaded weighted clover clamps with extra metal weights to torment her sensitive nipples. Now Tracey is gagged, plugged, vibrated, pegged and clamped she handcuffs her wrists behind her to the headboard of her bed – No escape now Tracey.


After dressing in her red bra, pants, fishnet stockings and metal collar Tracey Lain leave her handcuff key on the bed, collects her ropes, blindfold, ballgag and cuffs and goes down stairs to the living room. Tracey ties her knees and ankles then ties her handcuffs to her ankle rope before fastening her gag and blindfold in place. Now its time for the exciting part, when Tracey secures her wrists into the metal handcuffs and she is hogtied with the thought of been discovered. But no kinky postman arrives today and Tracey has to escape from her ropes and struggle out of the room and up the stairs still gagged, cuffed and blindfolded to the key she left on her bed.


Tracey Lain is in a frisky bondage mood and wants some bath time bondage. Tracey pulls on her dark pantyhose and fastens her sexy blue bra, picks up a handful of zipties and goes to her bathroom to run a bath of warm water. Tracey thinks its far more sexy to be topless so removes her blue bra before entering her bath to fasten the zip ties around her ankles, then in her mouth as a gag and finally finishing by securing her hands behind her back with a satisfying zzzzzzzip. Never inform your kinky postman you want some kinky bath time bondage – As he soon brings his super squirter to add to her fun.


Tracey Lain has a bondage idea and places a key on her bed. Now in her living room Tracey pushes home her glass butt plug and internal vibrator then adds weighted clover clamps to her pussy. After using a length of black rope to tie her ankles Tracey pulls a nylon stocking over her head and tapes over her mouth and around her head. Next Tracey fastens a leather collar around her neck with a length of chain already attached so Tracey can padlock her wrists to the chain in front of her. To reach her key and escape Tracey will now have to make her way from her living room, up the staircase onto the bed to reach her key all while gagged, clamped, cuffed and with her glass butt plug and vibrator inside her.


Tracey Lain dressed in red stockings and a red dress enters the room for a bondage afternoon. After sitting cross-legged on the floor, Tracey ropes her ankles together, exposes her breasts and fastens leather cuffs to her wrists. Next Tracey places clover clamps onto her nipples and attaches a cord from them to her ankle rope then padlocks her wrists behind her back. Without warning dirty Freddie enters holding a bondage magazine to find Tracey bound and decides to secure her elbows with more leather cuffs, a chain and padlocks. Then turns Tracey to face the camera while he sits to enjoy Tracey in Bondage as he glances though his magazine for more idea’s.


After filling her arse with a large glass butt plug Tracey Lain sits on a chair so the back of the chair is in front of her and ties her legs to it so her feet are off the floor. Tracey unfastens her top and places clothespins onto her breast skin and nipples then switches on the vibrator between her legs and uses her Speedcuffs to secure her wrists behind her back. In front of Tracey is a pink dildo waiting to be sucked and Tracey soon has it deep in her mouth which turns her on to be such a dirty slut bound in her living room where anyone could see her through the window at any time.


Dressed in bright red PVC Tracey Lain secures heavy highly polished cuffs to her wrists and ankles followed by a matching polished metal collar. Now its time to get naked and add clothespins (pegs) to her nipples and pussy and tie her legs together. Tracey then shuffles under a wooden char and ties her legs buck up and over the chair so her pussy and arse is in full view and handcuffs her wrists to the chair legs so she cant escape. Dirty Freddie has an idea to increase her discomfort and one by one removes her pussy pegs – ouch!



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