The Gadgets


A few ideas and descriptions of the more commonly used gadgets Chimera Bondage girls use to secure, release or both, and maybe administer some form of torment or pleasure. Some of our "Gadgets" are not available to buy or if they are then they are very expensive so we make them our self where a good knowledge of DIY, electronics and mechanics is an advantage. Please use common sense as some of the winches and motor driven devices shown here are very powerful and could seriously and/or permanently injure (we use both power and torque senses to make things safe) - don’t pull your arms or legs off !

If there is something you think should be added - let me know.


  • Clamcleat

  • Ice Release

    Chimera Bondage: Ice Release
  • Electric Winch

    Chimera Bondage: Electric Winch
  • Electro-Magnets

    Chimera Bondage: Electro-Magnets
  • Electric Spreader Bar

    Chimera Bondage: Electric Spreaderbar
  • Spanking Machine

    Chimera Bondage: Spanking Machine
  • Temperature Probe

    Chimera Bondage: Temperature Probe
  • Logic Control

    Chimera Bondage: Logic Control
  • Remotes & Timers

    Chimera Bondage: Remotes & Timers
  • Computer Programs

    Chimera Bondage: Computer Programs
  • Clever Stuff

    Chimera Bondage: Clever Stuff
  • Metal Fiddle

    Chimera Bondage: Clever Stuff