Chimera Bondage - Remote Control and Timers

Remote Control and Timers - Remote control, sensors, timers, etc: Timers, count down timers, movement sensors, remote controls, power supplies - All these can be plugged into your mains power socket to control, magnets, winches etc. In the bottom left of the above picture is part of a ‘house automation’ system so a pre-programmed multi event can happen :) You can even have things controlled by SMS text - from anywhere in the world. Recently we found a cheap remote control system that works via the mobile network and you just ring it and hang up (free) and it operates a relay and for security you pre-program the number that will ring it - cool!

For self bondage if you have say a magnet holding you in place and is powered via a mains power socket and PSU and the power goes off you are released - good safety!  But mechanical timers and battery powered device may satay active depending on how you have wired it - could be bad safety.  Even with our super fantastic Logo controller we still uses some of these - they are cheap and just work :) 

Below is Ariel Anderssen using a mechanical timer (bottom right)

Ariel Anderssen zip pull at Chimera Bondage