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ChimeraBondage will sometimes tempt you with the unfamiliar and is not a place where you can predict what you will see next.  It will intrigue and draw you in with its methods and gadgets until you want more.
Watch our gorgeous wanton girls tie, chain, padlock and handcuff by their own hand then be stimulated and tormented for your viewing pleasure.

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Tracey sets a timer and spays some aerosol into the beam of a laser to illuminate its beam then breaks the beam with her hand to test the spanking machine applies three strokes then presses a button on a remote control to temporary switch the machine off as she walks over to the machine. Once in front of the machine she adjusts a stand with two metal strips along its top edge (and a neon bulb to indicate a voltage in excess of 80 volts is present) connected to a Tens unit so it is just out of contact with her pussy when she is on tip toe. Tracey fastens and padlocks leather cuffs on her wrists then places vacuum cups on both her nipples before padlocking her cuffs to a looped rope above her head that goes to an electromagnet where it is held until the timer switches off its power and she is released. Tracey wriggles into position then presses a button on the remote control that switches on the Tens unit and the spanking machine then drops the remote control on to the floor so she can not change her mind and what designed to happen will happen. With her wrists slightly behind her and the Tens unit encouraging her to move back with its electric shocks Tracy tries desperately not to break the beam of the laser but inevitable her pussy receives its first electric shock making Tracey jump back so her bottom brakes the beam of the laser to activate the spanker so it can administer the first set of three strokes onto her bottom. On tip toes Tracey tries to keep her pussy away from another electric shock and just forward enough not to break the beam of the laser but by the time she is released her arms, feet and toes ache, nipples are large, erect and painful, bottom is bruised and her pussy tingles from all the electric shocks - A true pain slut!
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Tracey Lain dressed in her black shiny PVC clothing, fishnet stockings and black patent leather high heels shoes is struggling on the floor trying is to escape after her flat mate left her hogtied, gagged and blindfolded. After many long minutes Tracey manages to get her hands free and remove her blindfold, head harness and gag then the rest of the ropes that bound her before removing her PVC clothing followed by a tight crotch rope that leave its mark on her delicate skin.
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Tracey is talking to Jane her room mate on the phone and asking her to ring Tracey when she arrives so Tracey can give her some instructions then hangs up and sets the phone to auto answer and check on wires that are connected to the phone that goes to a vaginal probe and padlock. Next Tracey ties a string across the floor then kneels on the floor and fastens leather cuffs to her ankles with a spreader bar between them that is chained to the far wall behind her. Now Tracey ties ropes from the wall in front of her to both her knees before slowly easing a metal expanding and lockable anal plug inside her arse and padlocking it in its fully expanded state with the padlock that is connected to the phone via a wire to a chain and rope that go up to the ceiling. Tracey then with some difficulty due to the size of the anal plug already inside her forces the vaginal probe deep inside her that is also connected to the phone with a second wire. Tracey pulls the other end of the rope from the anal plug tight via a clam cleat so her bottom is permanently pulled up into the air before placing a number of pegs onto the lips of her pussy and tying the string from across the floor to them. Finally Tracey padlocks a set of metal handcuffs to the centre of the spreader bar and secures her wrists into them ready for Jane to ring a few minutes later. Tracey receives a powerful electric shock every time the phone rings making her jump and scream then Tracey realises the phone must be faulty and not auto answering so instead of only the two rings and be able to talk to Jane she receives six then a pause then three more then another six rings as Jane tries to contact Tracey as planed. Jane thinking something is wrong unlocks the door and quickly enters but despite Tracey trying to tell Jane not to come any closer Jane ignores her and strides towards Tracey pulling the string connected to the pegs with her foot so ripping them all very painfully from Tracey’s pussy and making her scream loudly.
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