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Chimerabondage will tempt you with the unfamiliar and is not a place where
you can predict what you will see next.  It is more than simple selfbondage
and will intrigue all bondage enthusiasts with its methods and gadgets.
Tracey reads her instruction while drinking more water then takes down a picture off the wall to reveal an enema bag full of 2 litres of liquid. After raising her skirt Tracey removes her pants and fastens a spreader bar between her ankles with leather straps then inserts the enema plug and allows the liquid to fill her. Once the enema bag is empty Tracey fastens an elastic belt around her middle to increase her discomfort of both the enema and her full bladder then padlocks her leather wrist cuffs to an ice release that is padlocked to the end of a winch. Tracey then presses one of the buttons on a remote control and allows her arms to be pulled up above her by the winch then tries the other button to lower her arms but finds it doesn’t work and begins to struggle. Tracey is now left with her discomfort steadily increasing and no means to stop it until the ice release melts.
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Tracey Lain's latest full preview video:
Tracey was dressed in her police uniform but had added stockings just to be naughty for what she thought would be a simple interview. This is what Police woman Tracey Lain wanted more than anything - A chance to join the secret selfbondage dare club know only as “The Agency”. First there where a few questions asked and some photographs taken before Tracey was surprised to be asked to complete her first test in front of the committee while they all watched. Tracey had to remove her black pants and frog ties her legs. Next Tracey inserted a dildo into her pussy and secured it in place with ropes then she eased a butt plug into her arse before stuffing her mouth full with her panties and tying them in place. Finally Tracey scattered a number of keys across the floor then face down on the floor Tracey handcuffed her hands behind her back. To escape Tracey had to wriggle across the floor to find the correct key making the dildo and plug interact with each other inside her. After releasing herself Tracey had a few more tasks to complete - Clean both the dildo and anal plug with her mouth then pull her nipples hard until eventually told to stop.
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