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FayeXTaylor & Lucy Lauren


Lucy Lauren is dressed in a super tight thin pink latex mini dress with Faye X Taylor in her sexy black catsuit and boots. Faye has some bondage equipment ready and waiting for Lucy and wastes no time in encouraging Lucy to secure the leather cuffs onto her wrists and ankles, then a long spreader bar is locked between Lucy’s ankles before more kinky items are produced. A pink ring gag is fastened in Lucy’s mouth and an inflatable rubber hood is placed over her head with a posture collar locked in place around her neck. Lucy is then asked to inflate the hood until Faye is pleased then Faye padlocks Lucy’s wrists to a beam above her. Faye now uses the excuse of shining Lucy’s dress to feel every curve of her body then raises the beam to make the bondage a little more demanding before the real fun can begin as Faye uses her powerful vibrator to make Lucy cum.


Faye X Taylor has her maid Lucy Lauren help her dress in a tight black latex catsuit and black shiny boots then has Lucy shine the catsuit from top to bottom. Faye then rips off Lucy’s shirt and skirt then removes Lucy’s bra and pants leaving her naked for her next bondage session. Lucy is then instructed to straddle a metal trestle and secure her ankles to its legs before her arms are pulled up behind her so she is forced to bend over the trestle then Faye uses leather straps to further secure Lucy’s body and legs to the trestle. Next Faye switches on the milking machine and places its powerful suction cups onto Lucy’s nipples and makes Lucy moo like a cow before fastening a strap-on dick to herself and begins to fuck Lucy.


Both Fay X Taylor and Lucy Lauren are naked except for their stockings and garter belt as they sit to discus their next bondage adventure. To show Lucy who is the kinkiest Faye inserts her butt plug before they start to tie them self to each other in a 69 position using lengths of red rope. When secure their pussy is only inches away from each others face and it doesn’t take long for their tongues to pleasure each other.


After Lucy Lauren’s un-authorised orgasm Nurse Faye X Taylor decides its time to punish Lucy with some extreme spanking. First Faye has Lucy secure leather cuffs on her wrists and attach them to a wooden beam suspended above her before Faye raises the beam to stretch Lucy and teases her with a vibrator. Now the real punishment can begin with a swift flogging followed by pegs on Lucy’s nipples and breasts then they are pulled off as the vibrator is applied again. Next Lucy is flogged again followed by her bottom receiving a hard spanking using various implement culminating with the riding crop and a very red sore bottom for Lucy.


Lucy Lauren places weighted clover clamps onto her nipples then ties a spreader bar between her ankles then bends over the back of a chair and is handcuffed in position. Nurse Faye X Taylor then administers a spanking using a hard leather paddle onto the venerable bottom of Lucy before Faye brings her array of medical examination equipment into view of Lucy. Faye places her blue latex gloves on and begins to give Lucy a prolonged internal examination with her fingers followed by the use of two metal speculums, one for Lucy’s vagina and one for her anus. Next the sadistic nurse Faye inserts a metal sounds into Lucy’s urethra for no medical reason, only because she can! Finally its time for Faye to force Lucy to cum and has the perfect metal dildo for the purpose, but as always the bitch doesn’t use any lube and pushes the dildo into Lucy’s pussy and begins to fuck her. Luckily for Lucy her juices quickly begin to flow, followed by an unexpected orgasm covering the dildo with her cum, this doesn’t impress Nurse Faye who will now have to find a way to punish Lucy.


Lucy Lauren arrives for a medical exam required for her new job – If she passes the job is hers, so expecting a male doctor she dresses to impress in tight latex. Lucy is surprised when the exam is to be performed by a female nurse, who turns out to be very kinky, sadistic and a lesbian. After putting Lucy’s stockings straight and much unnecessary groping nurse Faye asks many embarrassing sexual questions before Lucy is required to stripe with more groping by the nurse. As Lucy peels off her clothing Nurse Faye begins to take even more advantage of her position with a kiss on the lips and putting her hand into Lucy’s pants then making Lucy kiss her nipples. How far will Lucy go to get her new job? Faye loves the taste of new pussy and is in the position to make Lucy sit on her face so Faye can eat her pussy but when Lucy starts to cum Faye is angry and gives Lucy an over the knee spanking.



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