We've all seen those sites where women are bound and gagged by some cruel Mistress or Master, but Chimera Bondage does things differently. Here they let them, the ladies face their own worst enemy: themselves. The tour is loaded with tantalizing images of surprisingly elaborate self induced bondage. But despite being such a niche site, they offer frequent, 100% exclusive updates in dazzling multi-cam 1080p HD. And at a very reasonable price, too.

Whether totally self inflicted or even encouraged by an outside party, I'm a firm believer that, when it comes down to it, most of us are capable of self harm far beyond that of anything that can be delivered by a mere sadist. And perhaps that's why this site works so well. I mean, they really take things to the next level here. I honestly can't remember the last time I saw such a splendid group of masochists — or, at least, certainly not ones so darn creative. I'm telling you, once you see some of these setups, you'll probably be thinking to yourself, "There's no fucking way anyone can do that to themselves!"

And how do they go about reaching that end? Well, it usually involves an assortment of chains, ball-gags, clamps, and industrial-grade sex toys. But if these tried and true methods fail, they don't give up; they get creative. In fact, you might say these babes are the Magyvers of self inflicted torture. I especially like the use of electronic devices(timers, remote controls, etc). I actually just watched a scene where a blonde bombshell used a winch, which she operated via remote, to tighten her restraints before, once again using the a remote to activate rather painful looking breast pumps. Yep, these babes are twisted ... and we're the richer for it.

Another great thing about these scenes is that each clip is accompanied by a lengthy, well written synopsis, rich in detail, painting a vivid picture of the what sort of pain and pleasure combos you can expect. Not only are these great in combination with the stills for helping you make a decision on how to use your precious bandwidth — and time! — but I find they're also a great companion piece to the scenes themselves. Maybe it's just me, but reading the text works as a great "prep" for the scene. Certainly sets the mood. Either way, I think they've went above and beyond the standards set by most sites. Particularly hardcore bondage ones.

Another thing they got right that, for whatever reason, a lot of their brethren in the BDSM genre seem to miss the mark on, is raw video quality. All of the latest scenes are served up in your choice of the Windows Media or MPEG-4 formats. Slightly older updates are available in 720p, but the latest and greatest come in a positively stunning looking full 1080P HD multi cam high quality. Admittedly, the earliest of the updates(there's stuff on here going all the way back to '07) come in a more average SD, but these are the minority and, if you ask me, still very watchable.

Your Chimera Bondage membership includes some pretty nifty extras. In addition to a frequently updates, they thrown in some handy tips on how to perform your own self-bondage, and even the schematics(in PDF format) on how to build some of their more creative devices. Which, if you ask me, is a good sign. I mean, sharing is caring, after all.

I really had mixed feelings about this one. But they have a truly unique take on the genre, and a unique feel to their content that you just won't get anywhere else. All in all, highly recommended.