Anita De Bauch:



Anita De Bauch has been left frog tied with a leather armbinder securing her arms behind her and dressed in a white wedding dress, stockings and panties and is struggling to escape. Eventually Anita manages to escape and decides white is not the colour for her and performs a sexy striptease before redressing in black lingerie, corset, stockings and high heels. Anita next ties a red crotch rope around herself then fastens a leather posture collar around her neck and a ring gag in her mouth before securing her wrists into self tightening leather cuffs. Finally Anita raises her arms to the ceiling using a remote controlled electric winch to enjoy some selfbondage time.



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Anita De Bauch examines the harsh metal edged wooden pony before allowing her dressing gown to slowly drop to the floor revealing her black seamed stockings, panty’s and corset. Anita places clamps on her small tender nipples then sits on top of the wooden pony and handcuffs her hands behind her back. Finally Anita raises her feet off the floor so she is only supported by her crotch on the edge of the wooden pony – How long can Anita last before the pain is too much ?




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Anita De Bauch dressed in black lingerie, stockings, corset and shiny high heeled shoes sets her release timer. Anita sits on a chair and secures her ankles to the front legs of the chair with leather straps then removes her corset to reveal the marks left in her skin by the tight corset. Next Anita ties a crotch rope around herself then handcuffs her wrist to the back of the chair before using a remote control to pull tight her crotch rope using an electric winch until she is forces into a backwards arched position. This position quickly tests Anita’s resilience, as her legs, arms and back begin to tire allowing the crotch rope to increase her torment. Anita has to endure this self made punishment for eight long minutes before the timer operates the winch and Anita can lower her body back down onto the chair to release herself. Anita quickly discovers that she can not reach her keys that she dropped earlier along with the remote control and she will now have to wait until she is discovered much later by her boyfriend, who she knows will take full advantage of her situation!


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Anita De Bauch removes her silk gown to reveal her black stockings, panties and suspender belt before she pulls free some of the string from a bobbin attached to the top of an electric motor. Anita walks back to a chair and knees in front of it so she can secure her ankles to the chair before she begins to add pegs to her breasts making sure the string from the motor is attached to each peg. Anita handcuffs her wrists behind her back into two sets of handcuffs that she has already locked to the back of the chair knowing that her only escape is to pull a second string with the keys to her handcuffs tied to its end. This sounds a simple escape but when Anita pulls the string with the keys attached it will switch on the electric motor and painfully pull the pegs from her breasts. How long before Anita builds up her courage to pull the string ?


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Anita De Bauch reads her next instructions that have been left for her then dresses in a latex swim suit, boots, a rain Macintosh and a pair of cat ears then walks outside to were some bondage equipment has been left for her and another set of instructions. Anita Reads her new instructions to discover she has to strip naked, fasten a spreader bar between her ankles then secure a posture collar around her neck before placing a blindfold over her eyes and handcuffing her hands behind her back. Anita prides herself on been able to complete any kinky bondage task given to her, but to be in bondage and naked outside, knowing that she could be seen by a neighbour or anyone who decides to use the footpath that runs past her garden makes this a demanding and exciting test.


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