Chloe Lovette:


To get herself in the mood for some serious selfbondage Chloe Lovett has dressed in tight latex leggings and top and slid a vibrator inside herself then ask to be hogtied. We couldn’t resist so we left her wriggling and enjoying the buzzing deep inside her and the crotch rope that she could keep pulling tight for about 20 minutes until she just started to get turned on then we started to film. Chloe is an exhibitionist and loves to be watch as she struggles, and now the camera is running it turns her on even more and she soon works herself up to her first orgasm of the day. Chloe is also a tease, so after she escapes she begins to show off her latex covered arse and body before unzipping her top to expose her erect nipples.


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Its Chloe Lovette’s turn to try the wooden pony! Chloe begins the scene dressed in her office skirt and silk shirt but soon removes her shirt and plays with her nipples before also removing her skirt and panties while teasing and talking dirty to you. Next Chloe covers her nipples, the hard metal edge of the wooden pony and her clit with menthol to make things more intense. Chloe then sits on the wooden pony and handcuffs her hands behind her back before lifting her feet off the floor so her whole body weight is taken by her pussy. Quickly we discover that the pain and the burning sensation between her legs and imagining your cock inside her are turning Chloe on, eventually making her orgasm as the thought of your cum exploding inside her pushes her over the edge.


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Chloe Lovette enters fully dressed and padlocks a set of handcuffs on to a chain hanging down from the ceiling from an electric winch then kneels to give the temperature probe a slow hand job and uses her tongue as if teasing its tip with her tongue piercing. Chloe asks if you want to see more then slowly removes her dress, bra and panties then plays and pinches her nipples hard and spanks her bottom while teasing you with glimpses of her eager wet pussy. Next Chloe secures her hands into the handcuffs behind her back and lowers herself onto the dildo and slowly allows it to slide deep inside her to its full length. To escape Chloe has to use her pussy to warm the probe to a specific temperature then her arms will be lowered and she can reach the key to release herself. Chloe is a very horny girl and soon begins to talk to camera and fuck the probe fantasising it’s your cock deep inside her as she builds up to a big orgasm. Even when her arms are lowered and she could release herself Chloe continues to fuck the dildo because now she needs to cum. Chloe loves the taste of pussy, so no surprise that after her release she then gets the prize of tasting her own pussy juices as she licks the probe clean.


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Chloe Lovette walks in naked and start the laptop program, and to add to the fun she doesn’t want to know how long she has set it to run for so she lower the screen from view. First Chloe gives a sexy hand and blow job to the fucking machine dildo before lubing it up (Chloe is such a tease). Next Chloe fastens leather straps around her ankles and attaches ropes that go to electric winches on each side of the room before slowly sliding the fucking machine dildo inside her wet eager pussy. Sensors note that her ankle ropes have been attached and the winches pull her ankles apart to a prearranged position that lowers her body slightly and eases the dildo deeper into her. Chloe then ties a string to her tongue piercing that also goes to a small winch above her then places the combined breast and nipple pumps onto her breasts and secures her wrists in more leather cuffs hanging to each side of her that notifies the laptop via sensors that Chloe is now secure and the computer program can begin. First her arms are pulled up and out so Chloe is both on tiptoe and spread eagle then the string to her tongue is pulled taught. Now the fucking machine starts to slowly thrust its 6 inches of dildo 7 inches in and out of Chloe, and combine with her nipples now been rhythmically sucked she quickly starts to be turned on and Chloe has her first orgasm. As the program runs the fucking machine speeds up forcing more orgasms from Chloe until it suddenly switches to full speed and Chloe is mercilessly and mechanically fucked until her body is covered in sweat as orgasm after orgasm are forced from her body in a frenzy of ecstasy and lust.


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