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Roswell Ivory


50 candles are already alight and dripping wax down on to the floor as Roswell Ivory enters the room. Roswell sits on the floor just to one side of the dripping wax and ties a rope that is secured to the wall around one of her ankles, then Roswell cuffs her wrists into a set of metal handcuffs that’s secured to the opposing wall to her ankle rope. Roswell now has to endure the hot wax dripping onto her naked skin until one of the candles burns through a string and drops the key to her handcuffs into reach allowing Roswell to release herself.


Roswell Ivory has been left tied up by her partner dressed in pantyhose, basque and a gas mask to muffle her complaining. After some struggling Roswell manages to free her hands from behind her back and removes the gas mask and her other ropes expecting to be able to walk away. Her partner has other ideas and has chained her ankle to the wall and so Roswell has to find something to amuse herself with. It doesn’t take her long to begin some wax play with all the different colored and scented candles left burning next to her and enjoys the hot wax over her body, but the pantyhose are spoiling the effect so Roswell rips them off her self. Now Roswell can drip the hot wax onto her legs and be able to see and feel the full effect.


Dressed in vintage style lingerie, stockings and shinny heeled boots Roswell Ivory looks fantastic as she ties a spreader bar between her ankles and a knotted crotch rope around her self that she attaches to a weight. After fastening a purple leather collar and leather wrist straps in place Roswell attaches her wrist straps to ropes that go to an electric winch. Using a remote control Roswell operates the winch to raise her arms and to start a steal ball roller coaster toy before dropping the remote onto the floor so it is out of reach. Now as the ball repeatedly roles around the game it passes over a sensor that operates a second winch for a brief instant of time that slowly raises the weight attached to her crotch rope to gradually increase its tension and so its torment factor. Once maximum tension has been reached the game automatically switches off and starts a timer that will release Roswell after she has endured her bondage and the cutting crotch rope for its preset time.


Roswell Ivory dressed in a tight shiny lycra body suit and black shiny boots proceeds to fasten leather straps to her arms and ankle. Next Roswell connects these straps to two winches, one for her arms and one for her ankle then struggles to fasten a purple rubber ball gag in her mouth. Roswell then uses a remote control to operate one of the winches to pull up her arms then she operates the second winch to pull up high her leg so she has to balance on one foot in a high heeled boot. After lots of struggling that shows off her curves the winches eventually lowers her limbs to allow her release.


Roswell Ivory enters in stockings, heels and a PVC skater skirt then covers her curvaceousness with a PVC jacket that has the potential to pop open at any moment. After fastening leather cuffs to her ankles then connecting cords to these cuffs Roswell cuffs her wrists then bends backwards over the buffet she is sitting on and places an iron plate that is padlocked to her handcuffs onto an electro-magnet so she is held in position. Over time the position becomes increasingly arduous and Roswell losses a shoe and her jacket pops open to reveal her ample breasts before the electro-magnet eventually switches off to the relief of Roswell and she is released.


This scene is to decide if Roswell Ivory is ready for more filming with Chimerabondage. We asked her to strip off her outer clothing then stand in various positions to display herself dressed only in her lingerie. Next she is told to strip naked and again stand and bend in the various positions again so we can see her curvy sexy body. Finally Roswell is told she has passed inspection and so can continue to film more scenes.



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Mistress Sarah is enjoying some vibrator time as her new slave girl Tracey Lain enters the room to entertain her. Sarah has left a metal expanding locking butt plug and some other fun things for Tracey to use as Sarah watches. Tracey hates this butt plug as it stretches her to her limit but she must do as her mistress commands so locks it in place then after some struggling due to the size of the butt plug she inserts the ben wa balls deep into her pussy. After connecting a cord that goes up and over a pulley to a large red weight onto her butt plug she crawls on hands and knees towards Mistress Sarah so the weight pulls on her butt plug. Mistress Sarah thinks its too easy for Tracy so commands her to add pegs to her breasts and try again but still mistress Sarah isn’t impressed so Tracey has to add pegs to her pussy before crawling to her mistress. Tracey starts at Mistress Sarah’s toes kissing her feet, ankles and legs as she works her way to kiss and lick mistress Sarah’s waiting pussy. After a short while Mistress Sarah turns so slave Tracey has to lick Sarah’s arse hole which amuses and turns Sarah on before turning back for Tracey to lick and finger fuck Mistress Sarah until she cums. Still with the taste of Mistress Sarah’s pussy juices in her mouth Tracy is made to stand while her wrists are cuffed above her head. Time for Mistress Sarah to have some cruel fun and starts buy removing the pegs from slave Tracy’s breast then adds clover clamps to her slave nipples before adding a number of lead weights to each clamp. Now Mistress Sarah removes the pegs from slave Tracy’s pussy lips which makes her wince with the pain but has to thank her Mistress as each one is removed individually. After tugging on the cord that is still attached to the butt plug in slave Tracey’s arse, purely for her own amusement, Mistress Sarah runs her fingers over slave Tracey’s pussy to discover Tracey is enjoying her pain and attention as her pussy is now very wet so decides Tracey can enjoy it even more while Mistress enjoys a long hot soak in her bath.



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