The Gadgets



Here you will find descriptions and pictures of the more commonly used gadgets our girls use to become tied up, released or both and in some cases administer some form of torment or pleasure.

Some of our "Gadgets" are not available to buy or if they are they tend to be very expensive so we make a lot ourselves - A good knowledge of DIY, electrics and mechanics is an advantage.

Some of the winches and motor driven devices shown here are very powerful and could seriously and/or permanently injure - Please use common sense and don’t pull your arm or leg off !





Cam Cleat  -  Available from boat suppliers (picture is of a 'Holt Allen' type)

A simple device that allows the rope to pass in one direction only - Can be used to pull arms or legs in one direction such as to a beam or corner of a bed and not come slack.

Do a Google for  "clamcleat"


Ice Release  -  Make it yourself - Its easy !

Its simple !   One 35mm film case, two hooks with metal washers fixed to their ends, fill with water and freeze.  Increasing the size of the case will significantly increase the time for the ice to melt and escape!


Winch  -  We made this using a small 12 volt motor/gearbox from RS components and added a bobbin for the rope - It can be operated remotely in both directions to pull ropes tight or lower keys etc. 
We now mainly use a larger mains powered winch that is permanently bolted to the roof beams as this does everything the small wince can plus lift a person (note we modified it so it can also be used with a remote control)


Electro magnet  -  Comes in many sizes - Used for door access control - Available from security shops This is our mark #1 one has a timer built in but you can use plug in timers - see bottom of page.

Do a Google for  "magnetic locks for doors"


Extending bar  -  Satellite dish actuator

VERY powerful low voltage electric bar that grows or shrinks in length - comes in various sizes and can be used for many things ;)

Do a Google for  "satellite motor arm"


Spanking machine  -  Make it yourself? - Diagrams and notes are in members area.      Or try this company -

Our machine is powered by compressed air and is fully adjustable from very soft to stripe leaving hard and has two modes of operation. Auto or Manual - Where the slave presses a button to "ask" for each single stroke to be administered.


Jacking beam  -  Make it yourself - its just a jack !

A block of wood whose height can be adjusted to fit snug up into the crotch area then be pumped - raising the block of wood higher and is powerful enough to lift the slave into the air (can also have a dildo attached).

 temp dildo  

Temperature probe / dildo  -  Make it yourself ?

If you don’t have a lathe then you will have to Google for metal dildo / butt plug making sure it has a hole for the temperature sensor or you will have to drill a 2 inch long hole yourself. And yes metal is best !  The other things you will need are the controller and probe we used a Carel IR32 and probe from Tempatron.

 Logo logic  

Controller / logic / counter / everything:

Siemens Logo - We use this a lot for timers, controlling, counting, all sorts of things. It does a lot even if you don’t see it, such as controlling the hoists and winches. Thank you to the person who donated it.


Remote control, sensors, timers, etc:

Timers, count down timers, movement sensors, remote controls, power supplies - All these can be plugged into your mains power socket to control, magnets, winches etc. The bottom left is part of a ‘house automation’ system so a pre-programmed multi event can happen. You can even have things controlled by SMS text - from anywhere in the world ! !

 comp prog  

Computer programs:

Here is is a link to one we used: