Anita-De-Bauch ID


In early 2017 we worked with Anita De Bauch for a full days shoot of self bondage, but not all was good, apparently..?


After a re-book due to some weird Anita reason, Anita De Bauch arrived and agreed to all scenes and didn't indicate any problems then oddly says she felt unsafe two weeks later.  Note - All the raw video footage shows she was happy through out the days shoot (footage available).

Anita was one of our favored models and well liked on site for her red hair and body shape and why we booked her again. So we were very disappointed Anita didn't pre-inform us of her blonde "New Look" with breast implants and the associated scares that proved problematic to work around and slowed down many weeks of pre-choreographic ideas with some scenes having to be trashed or re-written on the day -  Not impressed!


What have we learnt from this shoot ?

Check the model still looks as you expect (a professional model will always inform you of any changes before the shoot).

If a model gives an unsatisfactory reason for canceling, don't re-book on the hope its worth your while next time - she dont give a s&$@.

Some girls have it, some girls keep it, and...Some girls have lost it.


Happier days -



Evidently Anita has had her 'problems' with other producers. So was there ever a real issue on our shoot or was one made up because we didn't appreciate her new look?  We may never really know, but it now appears this may have been her problem - A malevolent girl at best :(

Anita breaks twitter's rules of disclosure - Anita has since said she's 'stopped using' her Twitter account (but she has kept it open).

Many thanks to Anita for breaking our disclosure of information agreement - Our son has now dis-owned us after finding out what we do - Just give up modeling Anita and disappear!!